Sales Coaching

Get more from your team by making sales coaching compelling, fast, and effective.

Coach your teams to continued sales success

With Mindtickle, sales coaching can be individualized to the unique needs of your management, teams, and Sales reps.

Create a sales coaching culture

Say goodbye to disjointed, one-size-fits-all coaching tactics. Drive higher quota attainment through data-driven insights and individualized Sales coaching.

Complete visibility

Identify which tactics have the most positive impact on deals.

Individualized approach

Tailor your sales coaching practices to improve selling skills and address individual rep strengths and weaknesses.

Flexible and adaptable

Implement a hybrid approach to sales coaching to improve rep performance through in-person, virtual, peer-to-peer, 1-on-1 and self-coaching.

Improved readiness

Supplement training and content with manager-led coaching to level up targeted skills for individual reps.

Splunk fosters culture of coaching with Mindtickle

With Mindtickle as Splunk Coach’s engine, Splunk could now begin to take action on its main enablement objectives, including increasing sales rep productivity and overall revenue impact, and creating more engaging and personalized learning journeys.

Active coaching sessions mobile interface

Optimize behavior to improve sales performance

Sales coaching combined with sales training to drive results.

  • Create the most high-impact sales coaching forms and scorecards
  • Associate coaching themes with the skills in your Ideal Rep Profile™ as well as enablement programs
  • Assign coaching tasks to frontline managers based on their team’s top needs
Mindtickle's coaching and call AI interface

Make managers accountable for coaching

Coach the coaches on the right kinds of behaviors based on data.

  • Track the coaching behaviors of managers and follow up with those behind the curve
  • Train coaches on how to mentor and guide reps in different settings
  • Use conversation intelligence to share real-world evidence of skill gaps with managers

Use real-world evidence to identify coaching needs

Deliver one-on-one or team coaching from sales meetings.

  • Use AI-based call scores, themes, and trackers to identify coachable moments
  • Create libraries of good and not-so-good moments for coaching meetings
  • Leave feedback through secure, private comments that only the sales rep can access

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What is sales coaching?

Reps need regular coaching to improve performance. The rep and the coach have a conversation in which the rep is doing the majority of the talking and the coach is observing, and providing comments to improve the performance of the rep.

What is the difference between sales coaching and sales training?

The simplest way e is to think of training as the base on which everything else is constructed. Until sales training is complete, your sellers cannot effectively sell. Sales training includes the activities an organization uses to make sure its sellers are familiar with the fundamentals of how to engage with buyers, understand their business challenges, know the market, handle, and ultimately, sell a product..

Sales coaching is an additional layer on top of sales training. Sales coaching is a combination of skill coaching as well as deal coaching and consists of conversations between the manager and seller. Managers can coach sellers on how to navigate deals and how to close them as well as coach them on longer-term, more strategic skills like knowledge and behaviors.

What are the business benefits of sales coaching?

The fours benefits of sales coaching are:

  • Ensuring reps are refining and improving their skills
  • Building confidence
  • Providing consistent practices and expectations across the sales team
  • Increasing revenue