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Improve sales productivity, drive better results, and consolidate your tech stack with an
integrated sales readiness solution.

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Simplify your tech stack. Win more deals with G2’s top-rated enterprise software platform.

The average B2B sales organization uses 10 tools and plans to add more than four in the next 12 months. Empower your team with the best solutions in one connected sales readiness platform.

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Boost productivity and positive business

With skill metrics, you can give salespeople the insights they need to close more deals.

Empower your salespeople to blend winning behaviors into all of their sales interactions, and then
measure their performance — all in one integrated platform

Reduce time to revenue

Instead of guessing what makes reps succeed, use real-world evidence to understand the skills that win deals.

Engage reps

Deliver personalized training, reinforcement, and practice for every sales rep, so they’re ready to go before they get in front of new business.

Practice to perfection

Give your salespeople access to training, reinforcement tools, marketing assets, and real-world examples of winning behaviors — all intuitively organized with advanced search.

Prove the value every time

Lagging closed-won and closed-lost statistics don’t tell you why deals go south. Instead, use conversation intelligence to measure real-world performance in sales interactions, using call scores and other insights to help close deals.

Individualize training

Empower your frontline managers to provide custom skills-focused coaching based on real-world performance, and deliver individualized training for the skills where it’s most needed.

Splunk Fosters Sales Coaching Culture

We began all of this with a defined governance model and operational processes, executive buy-in and champions across the company, metrics to map back to, and a plan to ensure
Krishna Saw
Director of Digital Transformation & Adoption
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Manage your tech stack while empowering your reps

It’s a win-win for sales operations.

Companies struggle with the challenges of shrinking their tech stack and providing productive tools. Use Mindtickle to deliver key functionalities like sales enablement, content management, conversation intelligence, and coaching, in one integrated platform.

Only 34% of companies meet sales enablement program goals*

Our award-winning platform removes the obstacles for you.

Take control with individualized, sales-specific programs powered by automation so you can focus on skill gaps and get your salespeople out selling sooner and better. Then quantify their impact with embedded readiness analytics.

Keep your reps in the know, anytime and anywhere

Sales content management means more moments of readiness.

Asset Hub, our sales content management solution, gives your reps the best content and sales prep. Arm your reps with real-world conversation recordings, help them practice pitches, and introduce microlearning from SMEs, so they’re prepared for every interaction.

Measure every skill, your way

Why do your reps win or lose deals? How do they measure up to the skills they need to succeed?

Mindtickle’s Call AI provides insights that help you understand and act on the behaviors that your salespeople need to succeed.

Identify and fix skill

Address the real-world behaviors that stop your salespeople from winning deals.


Offer personalized coaching, training, and reinforcement exercises powered by AI.

Replicate winning behaviors

Track individual and aggregate sales performance against proven top-selling behaviors.

Achieve top

Apply skills learned from personalized coaching sessions to maximize your reps’ productivity.


The 2024-2025 Chief Revenue Officer + Sales Leader Outlook Report

750+ sales leaders share the responsibilities and challenges they face as well as the technologies they use.

Sales Operations Management Customer Stories

My experience with Mindtickle and the team has been nothing short of amazing. From incredible customer service to the overall functionality and power of the platform, we’ve been able to
Mattie Stremic
Head of the Academy
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Right now, we have to be very adaptable to things that are changing. The way people learn is very different. There is still this propensity to make a PowerPoint but
Cole Lindbergh
Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations
“ copy 6
When our CEO and CRO said ‘Hey! We need a common sales methodology, a common language within the team, a common way that we operate and process,’ we knew that
Jeremy Powers
Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at MongoDB
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