Mindtickle Services

At Mindtickle, we help you transform your sales enablement seamlessly. From strategy to execution, we offer services that support your leadership and program teams and help maximize the impact of enablement on revenue.

Customer success

We’re always working to make sure you’re achieving the outcomes you want. Throughout the year, your dedicated CSM will:

  • Act as a single point of contact for your questions and any suggestions
  • Monitor your account’s health
  • Manage any escalated support issues
  • Review your business with program managers and executives
  • Update you on the Mindtickle product roadmap

Professional services

Whether you’re focused on quick time-to-value of your key enablement programs or are looking for a transformation of sales readiness, our experienced consultants can guide you from strategy to launch:

  • Assess your sales enablement maturity and impact
  • Develop a strategic plan aligned with business goals
  • Evaluate the impact and ROI for your programs
  • Write a compelling Sales Enablement Charter for you
  • Develop programs that impact field success
  • Apply best practices for high-impact programs
  • Create comprehensive onboarding and project plans
  • Plan and structure your content
  • Help with user provisioning and launch support

Content services

Developing engaging, high-impact content is usually the biggest obstacle for enablement organizations. Our team can help your team in many ways, including providing resources to augment your team, including:

  • Content planning
  • Content migration
  • Content development
  • Content review

Education services

From complete product documentation, online video tutorials, and self-paced training to hands-on workshops and webinars, we have the resources to help your team succeed.

Our training programs integrate industry best practices to help you learn how to:

  • Set up and manage the Mindtickle platform and its users
  • Plan, develop, and deploy programs
  • Monitor and report on your programs through analytics and reporting
  • Implement various use cases
  • Setup, develop and deploy programs based on your unique instance through a customized workshop

Technical support

We’re here to give you ongoing support and to ensure a seamless experience with:

  • In-platform chat for administrators to get fast support
  • In-platform support ticket submissions for all Mindtickle users
  • A dedicated support site with documentation, FAQs, and walkthrough videos
  • Online training targeted at different Mindtickle users
  • Exclusive customer-only webinars on the latest best practices and Mindtickle features


Looking for product support?

Managed services

Our Managed Services team works with trained and experienced platform administrators to augment your team with minimal ramp-up time. Our admins can help you with:
  • Series and Module admin
  • Uploading content
  • User admin tasks, invitations, and email template editing
  • Roles and permissions settings
  • Standard reporting configuration

Technical solutions

Our technical experts can guide the integration of Mindtickle into your existing IT fabric. They specialize in:

  • Connecting your systems with plugins and open APIs
  • Designing and developing scalable custom solutions
  • Developing dashboards that empower data-driven decision-making at every level of your organization

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