Sales Enablement Analytics

Gain insight into what will drive the transformation of your sales team.

Why stop at adoption and engagement?

Create more peak performers.

Usage data is just the beginning of it. Access even more data and insights on sales performance to understand how training and enablement programs impact your team’s productivity.

Connect readiness to revenue

Report on rep performance — both when learning and in the field.

Act fast with role-based dashboards

Gather insights for everyone who has a stake in sales performance — sales leaders, managers, and trainers.

Establish business outcomes

Correlate changes in skill levels with revenue metrics directly from your CRM.

Take your data anywhere

Build reports and dashboards, or export data to your BI tool for centralized reporting.

Elevating readiness in the field

Using Mindtickle…we gather information from the field to test its effectiveness. Within the system, we also pull analytics and other metrics we can use to see how effectively the enablement efforts we’re putting forward are working.

Insights Dashboard Overview

The most in-depth insights into adoption and engagement

Visualize your most important metrics in new ways with sales enablement analytics.

  • Track which teams or reps lag in program completion and help managers influence adoption rates
  • Understand which programs and content pieces get more engagement — and why
  • Learn where reps need more help and get them relevant reinforcements or content

Sales enablement analytics help you understand learning as it happens

Measure your reps’ comprehension and address gaps.

  • Assess performance at the program or individual level
  • Identify the questions or challenges where reps need improvement
  • Evaluate role-play and real-world performance with AI
Insights Dashboard Heatmap
Call Ai Call Score Graph

Assess real-world rep behaviors

Tap into data from sales conversations to understand how well training is applied in the field.

  • Build curriculums based on demonstrated skill gaps and customer needs
  • Compare teams and reps with the winning behaviors of your top reps and replicate what works
  • Prove the real-world impact of training and coaching with examples from great conversations

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Track rep performance against the Ideal Rep Profile™

Analyze rep behaviors against business metrics to identify where readiness efforts need to be amplified

  • Correlate specific knowledge and skills with revenue results
  • Know which cohorts are doing well, and which teams need more personalized enablement and coaching
  • Dig into specific teams or reps and track their improvements over time

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