Sales Account Planning and Strategy

Go after your must-have customers with intentional teamwork.

Do you leverage field insights to coach reps on deals?

Plan your next move based on rep and customer conversation data.

Mindtickle’s Call AI and Coaching solutions help account teams — leadership, reps, pre-sales, support, and solutions consulting — work collaboratively. Modernize your sales account planning strategy with Mindtickle.

Conduct sales account planning strategy based on real-world evidence

Bring your team together and strategize based on the customers’ own words.

Talk to a Readiness Expert

Analyze key accounts

Listen to key buyer statements from meeting recordings and jump to key moments like objections, next steps, and competitive mentions.

Leave valuable notes

Leave public or private notes as well as links to useful content to let account owners and collaborators your thoughts.

Review accounts

Leverage call snippets and libraries to run effective one-on-ones. Listen to call moments together to decide how to approach the customer next and win the deal.

Get reps the help they need

Ensure your reps have the organizational support they need to close a deal. Share key call moments so everyone is on the same page.

Data-driven decisions make for more meaningful conversations

“A manager will use the coaching template in Mindtickle to review a team member’s performance during a customer meeting. It provides a framework for their discussion after the meeting and makes it easy to track how much the rep is improving with these structured coaching sessions.”

Convert major accounts with sales account planning and strategy

Win more deals by acting based on evidence and with thorough planning.

Displaying empathy in sales makes you successful. Mindtickle enables you to act based on customer needs. Deliver solutions the customers need and beat your competition every time by being more relevant and prescriptive.

Find account intelligence in Call AI

Base your account strategy and plan on insights from actual customer conversations.

Enable revenue teams to improve the impact of customer interactions and win more deals with Call AI.

Insights from conversations are used to create and deploy training programs, one-on-one coaching, as well as create sales content that is based on the voice of the customer.

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Sales Coaching Guide

Sales account planning strategy means managers need insight into how reps can perform better, why they fail, what to do about it, and where to find guidance to improve. This guide helps lay the foundation for better account planning.

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Match your actions with customer needs

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