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Average time to launch a program

6 Weeks

Average time to launch
a program from scratch

2 Hours

Average time to launch
a program with
ready-to-deploy programs

What’s the difference between
Program Templates and Ready-to-Deploy Programs?


Pre-built program and module structures for common enablement needs, such as onboarding, product training, and sales processes, that can be customized by populating your own content.


Pre-built and ready to launch programs for common enablement needs, such as selling skills, competencies, and methodologies, with all content and modules populated.

Explore Ready-to-Deploy Sales Enablement Content in Mindtickle

Manager-Led Coaching

Foster a coaching culture to help build new skills and strong relationships with individuals.

Competitive Takeout

Prepare your team to tackle every competitive situation successfully and win new customers.

Annual Sales Kickoff

Align your teams, boost morale, and build trust and rapport as you kickstart the new financial year.

Elevator Pitch

Empower your teams to master the art of delivering a compelling elevator pitch, ensuring they leave a flawless first impression on prospects.

Sales Process

Ensure consistency in process, communication and customer experience across your team.

Sales Onboarding

Help new employees get familiar with their role, the company, and more, to bring them up to speed quickly.

Product Training

Streamline product training and enablement with our easy-to-deploy framework, tailored for clear alignment on challenges, target markets, competition, and more.

Build a Coaching Culture

Enable your teams to refine their skills, share insights, and adapt strategies, ultimately resulting in heightened performance, increased sales efficacy, and a culture of learning-driven success.

Negotiation Skills

Empower your teams to navigate complex scenarios, forge mutually beneficial agreements, and cultivate long-lasting relationships, thereby driving success and fostering collaborative growth.

Build Relationships

Equip your teams with strategies to uncover customer pain points, build credibility by demonstrating value, and collaborationg to ensure long-term partnership with their customers.

Social Selling

Enhance your team’s sales performance by embracing a social selling strategy that empowers them to establish meaningful connections and effectively engage customers, thereby optimizing their sales potential.

SKO | Expedition to Everest

Interlace this theme specially curated for a sales kickoff, visuals and story that leaves your audience hanging at the cliff. Celebrate and learn from past wins, align on goals and strategies for the upcoming year.