Emerging Trends in Sales Onboarding

Learn about the emerging trends in sales onboarding programs that are driving growth in sales departments.

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Emerging Trends in Sales Onboarding

Learn about the emerging trends in sales onboarding programs that are driving growth in sales departments.

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A sales onboarding program has historically been a knowledge transfer of specific procedures and behaviors required to help new hires succeed in sales. It included in-person training sessions, skills assessments, reviewing pitch decks and demos, and one-on-one meetings with managers. 

But changes in how we conduct day-to-day business are requiring a shift in sales onboarding programs. For example, in-person training sessions and one-on-one meetings are relics of the recent past, as most reps are working remotely. Let’s take a look at how a sales readiness platform can address some of these emerging trends.

Real-time Sales Enablement

Sales readiness platforms like Mindtickle deliver training materials and sessions whenever and wherever is most convenient for sales reps, and on the device that is most comfortable to use. The most effective sales onboarding software offers real-time access to the information and skills training specific to each new hire. This accelerates time to productivity and win rates, keeps all reps engaged, and reinforces best practices. 

Over time, advanced technology will change the way sales onboarding programs work. For example, training sessions will incorporate role-playing to practice sales skills in a controlled environment; microlearning to reinforce sales concepts, and quizzes, and spaced reinforcement to ensure knowledge is retained. 

Reinforced Sales Skills

A successful sales rep not only has a deep knowledge of the products or services they’re selling, but they’re also continuously improving their sales skills. Microlearning — or breaking down information in consumable chunks — ensures this type of content is readily available for the salesperson to easily absorb without having to attend traditional sales, onboarding classes. It is reinforced with regular, consistent updates and assessments — continuous learning — to ensure the knowledge sticks. 

Accessible Digital Learning

As a new hire becomes a more seasoned rep, they can draw on tips and advice from the organization’s top performers, made available digitally through sales readiness solutions like Mindtickle. In addition, complete monitoring, analysis, and updates will be available digitally so that they can understand the right way to respond to customer objections, negotiate deals, answer queries, make comparisons to competitors, and so on. 

Check out this article from Mike O’Dea, a seasoned Sales Readiness and Strategy Leader who offers his perspective on leveraging readiness technology to ensure success during the new-normal of fully remote teams.

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