Individualized Sales Onboarding at Scale

Improve time-to-productivity with sales onboarding programs focused on each rep’s strengths and weaknesses.

Sales onboarding programs are different from other training

Your sales teams need more than one-size-fits-all onboarding.

If only one third of companies are able to achieve their sales enablement goals, it’s time to do something different. Mindtickle-powered sales onboarding programs are focused on the unique needs of sales organizations, and individualized for each sales rep.

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Get your reps up-to-speed faster

Give them the training, practice, and reinforcement they need to hit the ground running. No two reps are alike, so don’t onboard them that way.

Instead, deliver sales onboarding programs that are laser-focused on key areas of improvement for each rep and built to keep salespeople engaged and informed.

Ensure reps retain training

Avoid “one-and-done” onboarding with scientifically-proven spaced reinforcements and AI-powered virtual role-play to drive retention and consistency.

Replicate top behaviors

Identify and share your top reps’ “secret sauce” and build programs based on their skills — using call recordings to demonstrate winning behaviors.

Individualize training

Quickly identify individual strengths and weaknesses and then deliver individualized sales onboarding programs.

Make it engaging

Use sales-focused contests, gamified learning, leaderboards, and other activities to keep sales reps engaged and focused.

Measure sales onboarding programs by results, not adoption

Tie onboarding activities back to business outcomes.

Build onboarding programs based on the skills demonstrated by top reps, and then adjust training on an individualized basis for demonstrated strengths and weaknesses. Always keep your sales onboarding programs current and effective.

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Practice to perfection with virtual role-plays

Ensure your teams are ready before they get in front of prospects.

Give your reps a safe place to practice pitches, demos, and new product messaging with virtual role-plays.

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Sales onboarding and training secrets from top leaders.

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Sales readiness doesn’t stop when your sales onboarding programs end

Keep your reps focused and effective in the field.

With Mindtickle’s Call AI conversation intelligence solution, you’ll see your reps perform in the field to ensure training is remembered. Help sales teams close deals and analyze how reps perform against the ideal behaviors that win deals.

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