Sales Content Management

Deliver content that succeeds in every selling situation.

Surface the content reps need when they need it

Because true content enablement happens in the field.

Your sales and revenue teams need a single searchable location for your valuable content assets. Whether it’s competitive intelligence, timely training, or the perfect marketing collateral, your reps will always know where to go.

Keep your reps ready with sales content management

Give your sales team access to the content they need to keep selling and learning.

Access the right content from anywhere

Make sure your salespeople can access situation-specific training, tools, and marketing content that helps win deals.

Improve preparation and outcomes

Make it easy for reps to learn how to use enablement and marketing assets in the field.

Make sales content management a breeze

Use advanced tools to ensure that content is approved, fresh, and on target every time.

Asset Hub drives productivity at Eightfold

“Asset Hub helps our sales teams find the right content quickly, improving productivity and reducing opportunity costs. And the fact that it’s integrated into the same platform with Mindtickle’s knowledge-building and conversation intelligence solutions makes it an even bigger win for us!”

Find the right content, anytime and anywhere

Your sales team doesn’t have to waste time searching for content.

  • Identify valuable sales content based on business outcomes or the winning behaviors of top reps
  • Organize the best content into easy-to-access hubs that mirror your business with sales content management
  • Use intuitive filters and smart search to find the right content for every selling situation

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Get salespeople ready for every situation

It’s not just about collateral. You can empower your reps with sales content management add-ons.

  • Microlearning videos from subject matter experts
  • Top-rated reinforcement drills
  • Real-world conversation snippets
  • AI-powered role-play and practice sessions

Seamlessly manage sales content at scale

Ensure only the right content is being used with a centralized content system.

  • Simplify admin work with universal version control and content expirations
  • Update your cross-platform sales content across with ease
  • Implement business taxonomies and filters that surface the best content in every search

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Ready up with reports, guides, and more

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Don’t just drive marketing ROI. Drive deals with sales content management.

Give your reps the assets and training to manage every meeting with confidence.

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