Myths Debunked: A Look at Sales Training ROI

While reliable and useful at times, age-old (supposed) sales training best practices can turn into myths and urban legends. In fact, they can even become your sales training program’s roadblocks.
How do you know if a time and tested best practice have become outdated? To avoid myopia when it comes to your sales enablement, make sure you don’t let “traditional” sales training objectives overshadow innovation.
In this article featured in Training Journal, our Director of Product Marketing Daniel Kuperman exposes the myths for all sales professionals – rookies and gurus alike.

  • Myth 1: People tend to forget everything they learn, regardless of how they learn it.
  • Myth 2: Sales skill training cannot yield quantifiable results.
  • Myth 3: Adapt your sales training to different learning styles.

He concludes: “While it’s comfortable to maintain consistency, it doesn’t help businesses and their employees achieve their short- and long-term goals—or revenue numbers…For a sales force to be truly effective and produce positive outcomes, the conversation must shift from sales training to sales enablement.”
Learn about why sales enablement is your key to overcoming outdated methods of sales training myths.