How To Win More Deals: Reenvision Sales Enablement

In a recent Forbes article, VP of Enablement Excellence and Innovation Pat Lynch touched on a few different strategies that contribute to being successful when organizing sales enablement programs.

In the post, he explains how success consists of laying a solid foundation of commitment and communication, delivering powerful content and building up processes that are measurable so that the data can reinforce the methodologies.

It’s not back to the basics, but forward to the facts, so we can give salespeople the help they need to win.
Establishing and maintaining strong communication

As a rule of thumb, it’s essential to communicate strong, visible executive support. Visible support means that leadership is communicating the importance of the initiative from the top down, looking at the metrics and following up. At the end of the day, reps are going to focus on what helps them to close business. Show them how it works, and demonstrate that you’re dedicated to their success.
Curating meaningful content

All of your content — sales assets, videos, gamification modules — must be aligned with strategic initiatives for the business and must directly impact success in the field.

The right content at the right time can go a long way toward driving revenue in a more direct way than traditional approaches, such as relationship building.
Minding the metrics

To win more deals, you need solid information about the impact of your sales enablement program.

With the learning platforms and data available today, front-line sales managers can start to correlate learning outcomes with performance outcomes.

For a bigger picture of Pat’s advice,

check out his Forbes article here.