TurnKey Vacation Rentals Reimagines Sales Enablement Strategy With Mindtickle and Achieves 40% Top-Line Growth


Like many of its clients, TurnKey Vacation Rentals wanted to get away from it all

— that is, get away from its very basic training software. The company found that its incumbent solution had a number of shortcomings, among them:

  • No support for key content types such as SCORM packages
  • Limited analytics functionality to track sales rep performance
  • Difficulty evaluating whether training was working for its geographically dispersed sales team

In short, the solution couldn’t deliver on the functionality TurnKey required to measure, track, and improve their sales performance.

After evaluating other solutions, TurnKey selected Mindtickle’s data-driven sales readiness platform, keeping their growing team in mind. Within 18 months, the platform’s use extended beyond the sales team to include the guest experience team, the customer success team, and the field operations technicians — more than 300 TurnKey employees in all, located all over the country.

“Without Mindtickle, it would be harder for us to make sure that our sales principles are reinforced with such a large remote sales force,” says Brian Steele, Sales Training Manager at TurnKey.

TurnKey’s sales team, in particular, was impressed by Mindtickle’s robust, yet targeted functionality. It enabled the creation and optimization of a training curriculum that reinforced specific skills and strategies reps needed to stay competitive in a complex industry. Additionally, the platform’s video role-play capabilities helped reps evaluate, develop, and refine their sales skills alongside a constantly evolving product. TurnKey’s sales managers also now had a holistic view of individual and group performance, course completion, and certification through Mindtickle’s analytics-driven enablement dashboard.

In particular, TurnKey was impressed by how quickly they saw measurable results. Within 12 months, TurnKey achieved a 40% increase in deal quantity and a 15% improvement in pipeline generation by field. The benefits Turnkey achieved with Mindtickle were immediate as the platform rollout supported the company’s new sales methodology, which contributed to swift process changes in the organization and improved levels of execution.

With a newly established readiness standard now in place for company-wide training, TurnKey reinforces its approach to sales productivity so reps can be more successful in deals, and the entire organization can benefit from a unified strategy.

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