3 Ways to Use Mindtickle and HubSpot to Improve Sales Readiness and Team Performance

Mindtickle and Hubspot partnership

Being a sales rep is tough but rewarding. Day after day, you plan your conversations, prep your sales collateral, make dozens of calls, face a lot of rejection, and, hopefully, make progress on moving prospects down the funnel. On a good day, you’ll close a deal or two.

Managing a sales team is a lot of work, too. Ensuring that goals and sales targets are ambitious but reachable, taking broad business growth goals and distilling them down to a sales quota for every rep of every level, and mentoring and coaching sales reps throughout their tenure with your company are all just part of the job.

With the right tools, sales work can be a lot of fun. If every sales rep and sales team manager is armed with the data and information they need, they have a better chance of succeeding every day. But without a great CRM and a great sales enablement platform, the work can be tedious and draining, and reps can feel unsupported.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in the right platforms for your sales teams: platforms that collect prospect and customer data, glean insights from every data point, and distill them into actionable sales pointers and even whole marketing campaigns.

Enter Mindtickle and HubSpot.

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform with tools that help sales teams access sales enablement data, coaching and sales tips, training, content management, sales and conversation intelligence, automation, and analytics — all in one place. Mindtickle’s Call AI solution boosts revenue with automated recordings, transcriptions, and call analytics that help sales teams perform better.

HubSpot is an all-in-one, easy-to-use CRM platform that powers all your sales, marketing, and customer care initiatives, from email nurtures to contact cards to social media outreach and management.

Teams who use HubSpot and Mindtickle together save hours of sales research time, hit their revenue targets, and set more strategic targets to begin with.

3 ways to use Mindtickle and HubSpot to improve sales team performance and grow your company

  1. Sales leaders can get the insights they need to plan and prioritize
  2. Sales reps and managers can go into every call completely prepared
  3. Sales leaders can identify rep opportunity areas and coach them toward improvement

Sales leaders can get the insights they need to plan and prioritize

By integrating HubSpot with Mindtickle’s Call AI platform, managers can drill down into their teams’ sales data and identify every strength and every miss. Call AI records, transcribes, and analyzes every call made by every sales rep and ensures the major insights from these calls are leveled up to managers.

Managers can, for example, analyze all the calls within deals that are due to close this quarter. Or they can look at all the calls with below-average call scores related to deals with more than $100,000 in annual recurring revenue. These kinds of insights help plan the allocation of prospects to various team members based on their historical performance and skills.

It also helps sales teams show improvement and advocate for further investment in headcount or training for various teams.

Here’s a use case: imagine a B2B company that makes architectural planning software for firms of all sizes. The sales team at the company is divided into regions. The manager for the inside sales team of the northeast notices that their team is doing great at closing deals with enterprise firms but, thanks to Call AI, they see that some inexperienced sales reps are using the same talk track they use for enterprise teams to pitch to very small firms.

They use Mindtickle and HubSpot to identify some high-priority small firms that should be closing a deal this quarter, and they reassign those firms to the most experienced sales reps in the northeast. Then, they plan training sessions for the more inexperienced reps so they can learn to better tailor their pitches to the size of the firms they’re talking to.

Sales reps and managers can go into every call completely prepared

Call AI and the rest of the Mindtickle platform help sellers collaborate on meeting prep and follow-ups while bringing powerful customer insights into your HubSpot CRM.

With Mindtickle and HubSpot, each customer profile has every important event mapped in one place. Reps can quickly and easily review a customer profile and the main takeaways from previous calls before making a call. They can listen to past calls and read transcripts so they can see what hesitations and objections the customer had last time, and be as prepared as possible to address each challenge and close the deal.

For example, imagine a home renovation company with a small but mighty inbound sales team. Thanks to HubSpot and Mindtickle, the team knows that they have a very high customer retention rate: Once a customer’s kitchen renovation is complete, they’re very likely to come back to the company when they want to redo a bathroom or bedroom within a couple of years. They’ve been able to map the average length of time between renovations, so once the clock strikes 18 months, the sales team knows it’s time to get in touch.

They can read the customer’s HubSpot profile, access call recordings, and pick out key themes from every communication the customer has had with the company. They can see any discounts that helped close the deal, and offer that same discount or something even better to show that they appreciate repeat business. This helps sales reps go into every sales call ready to meet the customer where they’re at and deliver the right offer at the right time.

Sales leaders can identify rep opportunity areas and coach them toward improvement

It takes time to become a star sales rep. Practice and experience are invaluable, but so is good coaching. And the best coaching is backed up by data about previous performance.

With the HubSpot and Mindtickle integration, managers can correlate which sales rep behaviors impact the business in positive or negative ways. With built-in coaching workflows, managers can coach individuals on how best to approach a specific conversation to end the call by closing a deal.

Managers can better support frontline sales reps if they know exactly what they’re doing right and what needs a little work.

For example, picture a sales team at a major telecom company that sells phones, phone plans, and phone and internet bundles. A sales manager notices that one of her new sales reps is having trouble upselling: his average deal size is smaller than the team’s overall average, and the manager decides to dig into why.

When she goes through some analytics from Mindtickle, she sees that the sales rep is speaking for almost 95% of every call, instead of letting the customer talk about their needs before diving into the full pitch. The manager can coach this sales rep and explain that inbound sales prospects often come ready with their expectations and objections and it’s good practice to let them say their piece before running straight into the sales pitch — that way, the rep can better tailor their offerings and even do a targeted upsell when possible.

Enable your sales team with Mindtickle and HubSpot

Make sure every sales rep is armed with every detail they need for every call, and make sure all managers can identify actionable ways to help their team get better at closing deals.

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Today’s guest post is written by Katherine Boyarsky. She is the co-founder and CMO of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency. She is also a registered nurse and resides in the Boston area.