ATD Conference Preview: Leveraging Customer Enablement Data for Sales Readiness and Enablement

It’s looking like Sales Enablement will continue to be a hot topic at this year’s ATD International Conference & EXPO (ICE) later this month. We are all looking forward to meeting with training and enablement professionals from around the world.
What I find most exciting is the increasing interest we’ve seen over the last couple of years in looking at sales enablement through a readiness-focused lens. With all the knowledge, skills, processes, tools, content, and coaching they are provided, how confident are we in our sellers’ ability to execute? Are they ready to perform or constantly playing catch up to prospects and customers who may be one step ahead? Working in Sales Readiness, we see these challenges first hand in our customer organizations.

Sales readiness has reached a critical point and organizations can no longer simply focus on the seller. They are working collaboratively with BDRs, Sales Engineers, Marketing, Customer Enablement, and Product. Each team is contributing to and learning from the customer journey. To prepare our teams to achieve our vision, we need to understand the complete customer journey – before and after the sale. We then need to integrate this understanding with our seller’s journey and our product and solution journey. These journeys are intertwined with multiple dependencies and overlapping requirements. To stay effective, we need a new approach to enabling our all customer-facing teams to be ready to perform.

As part of this new approach, insights from Customer Enablement must drive enablement and readiness capabilities across all customer-facing teams, and ultimately, be woven into the fabric of a value-driven revenue and brand strategy. Critical data from customer engagements can

and should

be considered in developing successful sales capabilities. These data points include:

  • How customers use the product
  • The value are they getting from using the product
  • The impact of Services engagement in accelerating adoption
  • The engagement level with the product, services, and other customer enablement resources
  • How customers are positioning value to each other

If you are planning to attend ATD ICE join me on Wednesday, May 22nd from 8:15 AM – 9:30 AM in Room 156 where I’ll cover four critical areas for optimizing readiness and enablement.

  • Why it’s time to re-think what sales enablement and readiness means in your organization
  • How to assess the impact of your customer’s journey on customer-facing teams
  • Ways to integrate Customer Enablement into sales readiness and enablement as a whole to drive long-term value and revenue
  • Practical tips from the field for evaluating technology solutions for readiness

And don’t forget to visit us at Booth #924 if you’ll be there!

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