Cloudtalk Uses Mindtickle for Onboarding

Celia Bruche, CloudTalk

CloudTalk was initially looking for something other than an integrated sales onboarding and training platform. After choosing Mindtickle for onboarding, They began understanding the benefits of combining an LMS (Learning Management System) and CMS (Content Management System) in one tool. Celia Bruche, Sales Enablement Director at CloudTalk, talks about how their team now uses Mindtickle for different processes, including sales onboarding, coaching, and storing and sharing content internally and externally. Watch this video to learn more about how the CloudTalk team reduced the ramp-up time for onboarding with Mindtickle.

Enabling Faster, Scalable, and More Effective Onboarding

At e-Builder, we take pride in delivering a consistently exceptional level of customer experience and MindTickle has been extremely effective at ensuring our sales teams are capable of that goal. We can ensure our sellers are engaging with our training, have demonstrated comprehension, proficiency and capability in being on message, and can be effective in the real world. The AI-powered capabilities of auto-reviews, including analysis of keywords, filler words, and cadence helps reps improve their practice sessions before they submit role plays. And for reviewers, the insights allow them to quickly identify and develop the necessary knowledge and skills for our reps to be successful. The new Model Pitch offering takes the value even further by allowing us to show what the ideal message and delivery looks like and creates a framework to systematically develop those attributes.

Mindtickle Call AI Helps Onboard Reps 20% Faster

With Call AI, we can capture every word of a customer call, which provides concrete direction on how to make our product better and also identify gaps where our sales team lacks understanding of our product or vision. This is a must have for any company and it truly fuels our growth.