Hitting Targets Through Marketing and Sales Alignment with Christopher Lynch

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Episode summary

In the re-airing of our most downloaded episode of Ready, Set, Sell, we sat down with our very own CMO, Chris Lynch. In this episode, he shared why directness in internal communications is so important and the value of storytelling and messaging skills in marketing.

We kicked things off with Chris talking about how he approaches marketing initiatives with his own team. He discussed the importance of creating compelling digital experiences for prospects and shifting toward an “insight sell” approach.

Like many other marketing teams, those who are successful will be able to balance immediate business demands with long-term projects. In a time when many orgs have teams working almost entirely remotely, Chris said the importance of in-person collaboration can’t be underestimated, especially for creative brainstorming and for team-based roles like BDRs.

The hosts and Chris tackled a subject that many sales and marketing organizations struggle to solve: alignment and successful collaboration between their two teams. Shared accountability for both wins and losses is critical for successful alignment. In simple terms, he shared that – in his view – “Marketing plants ideas while sales brings them to life.”

“Marketing plants ideas while sales brings them to life.”
Christopher Lynch
CMO, Mindtickle

Lastly, Chris shared his outlook on what’s next in B2B marketing: improvements and growth in revenue and sales technologies will lead to more intelligent, data-driven decision-making.

Key takeaways:

  • Honesty and directness are key, especially when dealing with sales teams, to effectively address performance and challenges.
  • Marketers must be effective storytellers. Providing a unique point differentiates successful marketing initiatives from the pack.
  • Marketers and sellers roles can be crystallized down to this: Marketing’s role is to identify the addressable market, create a cohesive strategy, and plant ideas in prospects’ minds, while sales dives deeper into individual nuances to clarify value and insight.

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