How 10 of the Best Conversation Intelligence Software Solutions Stack Up

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When sales teams are looking at conversation intelligence tools, it’s like shopping for the latest tech gadget—you want to make sure it does what you need it to.

But if you pick the wrong one, you’ve just shelled out a ton of money for something that doesn’t do what you need.

Evaluating a conversation intelligence tool is easier when you know what’s out there and the strengths and deficits of each. In this blog post, we’ll give you the rundown on what a conversation tool is, how it works, its benefits, and the top 10 tools on the market right now.

What is conversation intelligence?

Conversation intelligence, also known as Call AI, is technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to review sales conversations and compile data-driven insights for improved sales rep performance.

How does conversation intelligence work?

Conversation intelligence software automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls, providing direct visibility into what reps are saying and doing on calls every day. It surfaces the insights revenue leaders need to make sure their reps follow best practices, saying the right things in the right moments to increase win rates and close deals more efficiently.

What are the benefits of conversation intelligence?

Here are a few of the benefits the best conversation intelligence software solutions deliver:

Immerse them in the ways your best-performing reps approach discovery and handle objections.

Better understand the specific mix of sales training, coaching, and tools each individual rep needs to succeed.

See which enablement talk tracks, content, and training best practices are being used in the field — and which ones lead to closed-won deals.

Use real-world buyer interactions to personalize coaching to each rep.

Address the challenges that are blocking reps from progressing deals and improve win rates on complex deals.

Build deeper understanding of your ideal customer’s needs and drive go-to-market strategies, sales methodologies, and even product roadmaps.

Compare the best conversation intelligence software solutions

1. Mindtickle

Mindtickle delivers the only single, integrated platform to build and implement an effective sales readiness strategy. Revenue leaders rely on the conversation intelligence functionality in the platform to surface insights that help their teams increase knowledge, internalize ideal sales behaviors, and quickly adapt to change. Mindtickle also offers revenue intelligence technology to provide deal and account health scores after analyzing all of the calls, emails, and meetings that took place. Then it serves reps up with content to send to customers and trainings that will help them win more deals.

Feature highlights

Get everything sales reps and leaders need to be successful, all in one place. Mindtickle’s Call AI is built into a system of record that delivers customer insights, training, onboarding, and content all in one place. It’s one data model and one security model for all.

Automatically transcribe and analyze every sales conversation and unlock valuable insights that let you pinpoint and replicate winning rep behaviors.

Use data from real-world buyer interactions to inform more relevant and effective sales coaching. Drive meaningful behavior change through personalized, adaptive experiences.

Unlock deal and account health scores, including risk analytics, to guide reps on how to win more deals. Suggest relevant content and training based on a rep’s in-field performance.


Worth noting: G2’s audience of software users ranked Mindtickle #2 on the “Top 50 Best Enterprise Software Products” and #5 on the “Top 50 Sales Software Products” list for 2022.

Mindtickle’s revenue intelligence product is provided through a deep technical integration with

2. Allego

Allego is an all-in-one, rep-centric platform that ensures sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world. Built-in functionality allows teams to analyze sales calls, demos, and meetings, identifying key moments to drive the best future outcomes.

Feature highlights

Transcribe and analyze conversations to help teams find key moments that provide a holistic view of what’s working and what’s not.

Learn how buyers respond to messaging and interact with content at each pipeline stage to accelerate future deals.

See how reps are handling calls and provide just-in-time learning or coaching based on the insights.

3. transcribes and analyzes sales meetings in real time so revenue teams can identify winning behaviors and replicate them across teams, drive adoption of process best practices, and upskill teams at scale.

Feature highlights

Capture and analyze all customer meetings, calls, and emails in one place.

Surface which competitors are coming up in conversations, plus see common themes and questions on the minds of customers and prospects.

Give new reps access to a curated library of best calls with automatic recommendations on coachable moments. Smart Playlists automatically add new calls when they meet predefined criteria.

4. Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that offers sales execution, conversation intelligence, and opportunity management. Conversations is the AI-based call and meeting analysis product within the platform.

Feature highlights

Create an exact record for every call to understand what was said and who said it.

Help sales managers identify trends, understand where buyers lean in, and prioritize where sellers should best spend their time.

Build custom playlists featuring clips from the best and worst calls to help with coaching, onboarding, and ongoing skill development.

5. Gong

Gong autonomously captures frontline conversations to help revenue teams better understand deals, teams, and markets.

Feature highlights

Gather insights from calls, emails, in-person interactions, and CRM to show revenue leaders which deals are on track to close and which need course correction to continue moving forward.

Hear directly what buyers are saying and understand what a strong sales conversation looks like for your business.


Turn data-based guidance into coachable moments and share top-performers’ playbooks across the board to level up the performance of your entire team.

6. Observe.AI transcribes call center agent conversations and analyzes them to surface insights that improve customer experience, drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiency, and mitigate compliance risk.

Feature highlights

Analyze conversation transcripts and get search results within seconds to help uncover trends and market needs, assess offerings, and expand your lens on your customer experience.

Organize and categorize conversations to better identify, track, and act on the moments that are most meaningful to your customer experience.

Get more comprehensive insights with recommended keyword and phrase variations that dig into the nuances of customer-agent communication.

7. Outreach

Outreach helps revenue organizations automate sales engagement and act on revenue intelligence to improve their efficiency, predictability, and growth.

Feature highlights

Use Natural Language Processing to understand the context of sales conversations. Track key moments in every conversation and prompt reps to self-correct when they’re doing more talking than listening.

Search keywords in transcripts, notes, or content cards to find relevant recordings and moments that give you visibility into your prospects’ pain points and requirements.

Monitor deals from one dashboard that shows the status of all deals and provides access to individual plans.


8. Wingman

Wingman is an actionable platform that unlocks insights from every sales interaction. Record calls, review deals, scale coaching, and build a repeatable sales machine.

Feature highlights

Get calls transcribed, analyzed, and organized into a searchable sales call library you can use for coaching, onboarding, and product intelligence.

Receive alerts that help you identify deals that need immediate attention.

Share playlists of winning sales tactics with your entire team to accelerate onboarding, promote peer learning, and improve internal team alignment.

9. is a RevOps platform for conversation guidance, sales engagement, and live call insights and analytics. The Conversation AI product within the platform automatically surfaces the moments and conversations that are ripe for coaching.

Feature highlights

Get notified when a rep needs guidance or asks for help for easy identification of coaching moments.

Annotate and organize calls into libraries around key themes to simplify finding moments that matter for team onboarding and long-term support.

Correlate sales behavior with opportunities, revenue, and any other sales outcome that matters to the business.

10. Jiminny

Jiminny records, transcribes, and analyzes your sales team’s successes and learnings so your team is empowered to collaborate, coach, and improve revenue effortlessly.

Feature highlights

Get new hires up to speed in a third of the usual onboarding time. Use conversation playlists compiled by your more experienced sales talent to educate reps.

Capture key and shareable moments of calls then send them via email, links or MS Teams and Slack. AI-generated call summaries turn call transcripts into bullet-point lists of key conversation points.

Set up playbooks tailored by team, CRM activity, and conversation. Live Coaching adds real-time chat and scores to live conversations to refine technique on the fly.

Remember: Conversation intelligence is a means to an end

Conversation intelligence tools give revenue leaders the insights needed to help drive the right behaviors in the reps on the front lines of business every day.

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider a frictionless way to meaningfully impact rep readiness. The real power of conversation intelligence comes when the technology is plugged into a larger system of record that makes it push-button easy to help reps win more deals. To do that, you need to recommend relevant content, training, templates, and checklists once the insights are surfaced to not only provide value to your reps, but to drive real behavior change in the field.

Sales reps are busy and have a single-minded focus on making quota. Ease of use is key to the adoption of any technology you introduce to their workflow. At the end of the day, the best conversation intelligence software solution for your business is the one that your reps will actually use.

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This post was originally published in September 2022 and was updated in September 2023.