How 3 Medical Device Companies Use Mindtickle to Help Their Reps Close More Deals 

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In medical device sales, staying ahead requires more than constant product innovation—it requires a flexible and adaptive approach to enabling your reps to sell your rapidly evolving product line.

Enter Mindtickle, an AI-powered revenue enablement platform transforming how medical device companies support their go-to-market reps.

By making it easy and fast to create engaging training content and serve up-to-date sales collateral to medical device reps, Mindtickle helps health tech and med tech companies stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

Today, we explore how three leading medical device companies have embraced Mindtickle to enhance sales effectiveness and drive more successful outcomes. From streamlining onboarding processes to refining pitch delivery and mastering complex product knowledge, these companies are leveraging Mindtickle to empower their sales teams like never before.

Let’s dive in.

Company #1 – A fast-growing global diagnostics provider

This medtech company has been using Mindtickle for over five years, and during that time, it has more than doubled the size of its go-to-market function.

Before Mindtickle, their sales enablement efforts were manual and analog. They needed a way to make their approach more scalable, data-driven, and mobile-friendly for their on-the-go reps. They chose Mindtickle mainly for its ability to drive onboarding and messaging certification programs for their new reps.

As their team has grown, this company has found the most value in two of Mindtickle’s varied learning modalities: virtual role-play exercises and quick updates. Reps must meet a minimum score threshold on several role-play exercises to meet their certification requirements. These exercises certify their ability to deliver the company’s message in an accurate, customer-friendly way that meets their high standard for regulatory compliance.

Quick updates are bite-sized training content that this company uses to notify its reps quickly of additions to its product lines, new competitor insights, and updates regarding the regulatory environment.

Mindtickle enabled this customer to grow quickly, powered by a scalable and data-driven approach to onboarding quickly and supporting new reps.

Customer #2 – A “MedTech Global Big 100” provider of medical devices and software systems

This customer came to Mindtickle because they were fed up with their inability to track and report progress with their traditional learning management solution. Similarly to the previously discussed customer, they were frustrated that their training was unavailable on-demand via mobile devices in the field.

After signing with Mindtickle, they’ve made all their training and sales collateral available via a dedicated mobile app provided by Mindtickle. They’ve also established a scalable, repeatable reporting system on enablement outcomes via Mindtickle’s Readiness Index. Not only have they transformed their approach to sales enablement, but they’ve been impressed with how surprisingly easy it has been to do so, thanks to Mindtickle’s support team and “impressive SLAs.”

Customer #3 – The medical device division of a Fortune 500 company

This customer approached Mindtickle intending to digitally transform their manual approach to training their sales reps. Specifically, they needed a solution for their trainers to use to deliver training in a more scalable, consistent, and frequent manner, as well as a solution to help enable their team of expert trainers and standardize their approach.

Having no previous formal means of delivering digital enablement, they conducted pilots with Mindtickle and a competing sales readiness solution. Ultimately, they chose Mindtickle because of our support, services, and superior capacity to deliver adaptive, role-specific learning paths.

Since partnering with Mindtickle, this customer has been impressed with how Mindtickle’s varied approaches to learning keep their reps engaged as they build their skills through onboarding and beyond. They’ve found particular value in Mindtickle’s virtual role-play exercises, especially in how they allow them to scale practice and coaching via AI feedback and grading on these exercises, removing the bottleneck of a manager requirement to review all submissions.

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These customers are just a few examples of how medical device companies are using Mindtickle to:

  • Transform their enablement with a scalable and data-driven approach
  • Deliver learning and training on-demand to reps in the field
  • Keep their teams up-to-date with their evolving product lines, market conditions, approved messaging, and compliance information

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