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[Podcast] How G5 created a successful sales enablement team (Episode 17)

“As a digital marketing company, we’re really focusing on best-in-class lead generation strategies. We want to help our partners and customers increase the value of their assets and net operating income by investing in the right advertising channels,” explains Mike Wolber, Sales Enablement Leader, of G5. G5 specializes in digital marketing for real estate companies.

Wolber was one of the first members of the sales enablement team at G5. In collaboration with Steve Crepeau, from True Sales Results, they have laid the foundation for their sales enablement function.

I think that you can give five different sales reps the exact same toolkit; computer, documentation, training log and even the same manager But those reps are all going to approach conversations differently. They’ve got different DNA,” adds Wolber.

Just like each sales rep is different, so is each sales team and the team that supports them. That’s why it’s crucial to have everyone involved in the enablement of the sales organization.

“The sales enablement function needs to be cross functional by design.You really need to work with professional services;  your client success team,  the sales enablers,  the sales reps, the inside sales reps,  marketing,  product marketing,” explains Crepeau.

In this 20 minute interview, Wolber and Crepeau outlines:

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