How Paytronix’s Revenue Leaders Doubled Win Rates and Improved Conversions by 12%

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It’s that time of year when revenue organizations are reflecting on 2023 and making plans for the year ahead.

And Mindtickle customers are setting the bar high for achieving revenue excellence.

We recently sat down with Adam Whiddon, Sales Enablement Trainer at Paytronix to learn more about his plans to boost sales performance in 2024 and beyond. Paytronix is the leading digital guest engagement platform for restaurants and convenience stores. Paytronix offers loyalty and online ordering to such brands as Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Panera Bread, and PF Chang’s,

Adam assists in enabling the 300-person organization, which includes more than 30 sales reps and customer-facing teammates.

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As someone who helped lead Paytronix to double its win rates and improve stage conversions by 12% on key deals, Adam can help guide other revenue leaders to the same success.

Here are Adam’s top learnings using Mindtickle to assist in Paytronix’s revenue transformation:

1. Drive cross-functional revenue team alignment

Paytronix’s leadership team was clear on its intentions: they needed to transform revenue operations in many areas all at once digitally. Everything from improving win rates to streamlining onboarding, increasing deal velocity, growing pipeline, reducing time to contribution, and consolidating its tech stack was on the table.

To do so, Paytronix sought out an easy-to-use centralized hub for all sales training and sales content that could also double as an LMS for the entire company, including customer onboarding.

At the same time, they needed to roll out some of the company’s first formal training programs, drive the adoption of a new sales qualification framework – MEDDICC – and provide scalable, data-driven ways for sales leaders to provide personalized coaching.

Pretty massive change, right?

That was only possible by engaging every level of its revenue leadership team in the process of identifying a revenue transformation partner, including the CEO, CRO, CMO, CPO, VP of Sales, and Sr. Director of Enablement and Strategy.

2. Focus on increasing buyer & customer engagement

As part of the effort to consolidate its tech stack, Paytronix prioritized capabilities that would help the team improve the buyer journey and engagement. This included implementing revenue intelligence to score deal health and provide a full picture of all of the activity taking place within accounts and deals; conversation intelligence to validate that reps were utilizing the MEDDICC framework on calls; and Digital Sales Rooms to arm customers with mutual action plans and provide personalized, educational content experiences.

On deals that leveraged Digital Sales Rooms and had visits, Paytronix saw their win rate double and an average of 12% stage-by-stage conversion rate. The Digital Sales Rooms were particularly successful with high engagement at and after stage two of their sales cycle.

Streamline the sales tech stack

In the past, Adam and others on the Paytronix team tried virtually every LMS and well-known sales technology solution to measure and improve revenue performance.

But more tech did not necessarily result in better sales. In fact, tool sprawl not only drove up sales tech costs but also made it more difficult for reps to find things.

To remedy this, the Paytronix team sought out a revenue enablement platform that would provide all the LMS and content management capabilities he needed and include things like conversation and revenue intelligence to inspect calls and deals. This would enable Paytronix to lay the groundwork for a culture built on data-driven coaching.

Consolidation not only saved Paytronix a sizable amount of money but enabled them to provide every rep with a personalized home page that suggested the top training, content, and calls that were most valuable to their book of business and skillset.

As for his plans for next year? Adam aims to help the sales team increase win rates by another 2%+ in 2024, drive greater accountability to sales best practices, and make it even easier for sales reps to engage buyers at every stage in the sales cycle effectively.

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