How Ready-to-Deploy Templates Accelerate Sales Enablement for Winning Sales Teams

By Nishant Mungali

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Sales enablement teams play a pivotal role in equipping sales reps with the tools, knowledge, and strategies they need to excel. In today’s constantly evolving market, ready-to-deploy programs have emerged as a scalable and efficient approach to enhance sales effectiveness.

Ready-to-deploy (RTD) programs are pre-packaged and strategically designed initiatives that are readily available for implementation. These programs encompass a range of resources, including:

  • Training materials
  • Content assets
  • Playbooks
  • Strategies

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the challenges of rolling out initiatives without ready-to-deploy programs, how Mindtickle RTDs accelerate and streamline program rollouts, and how customers have seen significant success with them.

The challenge with scaling program rollouts

Take a look at the scenario below. Can you see the five differences between them?


Mindtickle ready to deploy templates


In the first scenario, Nick, the VP of Enablement, and Jen, the CRO, find themselves in a familiar challenge with their sales team. Despite onboarding three new sales reps, they remain uncertain about the team’s ability to deliver results this quarter. The small enablement team has felt the pain of poor forecasting in the past and is eager to avoid the same thing happening again this quarter.

Enter Mindtickle’s ready-to-deploy programs.

With Mindtickle’s RTD, your sales enablement team can identify needs and launch an enablement initiative in days. By leveraging RTDs, they provide timely and effective enablement.

The result?

Sellers are better equipped to deliver results, and the enablement team can efficiently track, support, and plan for further enablement.

Transformative change with Mindtickle’s RTD in just one week

Now let’s take a look at a real-life example of Mindtickle’s RTD programs.

Nick aligns with Jen on the key problem plaguing their team: no consistent sales methodology. They know standing up a uniform selling methodology would take 2-3 months – a luxury they can’t afford.

Nick discovers MEDDPICC RTD through Mindtickle Marketplace. He’s thoroughly impressed by the gold-standard program, honed to perfection using years of best practices adopted by Mindtickle’s customers. The realization hits him – this is exactly what they need.

Nick is eager to get the ball rolling. With the start of a new quarter and sellers’ limited availability, there’s no time to waste. He reviews the RTD and makes minor adjustments to tailor it to their needs.

Sellers are actively engaging with the program, and feedback from the sellers who’ve completed it is overwhelmingly positive. For the first time, he can analyze how the program is enabling sellers and he can identify areas for further improvement.


Decoding Mindtickle’s Ready-to-Deploy programs

So, what’s the magic behind ready-to-deploy programs?

RTDs are pre-built programs designed to meet enablement needs and initiatives. They’re a win for enablement teams, which are facing smaller team sizes, difficulty measuring ROI, and the stress of planning, building, and deploying an effective enablement program.

Mindtickle’s template marketplace offers an extensive library of program templates, module templates, and RTD programs at the click of a button. These programs come with content, reinforcement, practice, and coaching built into them.


Designed using modern enablement best practices, they include gamified experiences, bite-sized learning, generative AI, simulations, interactive content, role-plays, coaching sessions, competency tagging, and more.

In just six months, we’ve seen our customers achieve the following results:

  • Time to launch programs slashed from 8 weeks to 3 hours
  • An 80% reduction in customer efforts to build programs
  • Higher delivery rates even with smaller team sizes
  • Enablement teams reclaiming time to plan strategic business objectives aligned programs
"Deploying Mindtickle’s RTD programs, like MEDDPIC application and objection handling, was a breeze. Their pre-built best practices will save us valuable time, letting us focus more on enablement strategy than program creation. Big thanks to the Mindtickle Content-as-a-Service team."
Roland Varga
Sr. Manager, Global Field Enablement


Catering to a variety of enablement needs

These programs are built to support customer-facing teams and cover a comprehensive array of enablement needs including sales methodologies and sales processes, competencies, onboarding, everboarding, events, games, experiences, and account management.

Mindtickle’s RTD programs and Content-as-a-Service team can transform the landscape of your sales enablement strategy, ensuring your teams are ready to face the challenges of the sales world head-on. Step into the world of RTD and discover the true potential of your sales enablement strategy.

Will RTD templates make your life easier?

We think so. Set up a time with our team to talk about how Mindtickle can get your sales enablement programs stood up quickly and easily. 

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This post was co-authored by Nishant Mungali and Ankit Khadloya.