From Forbes: How to Improve Sales Performance for Your Team: Start With The Problem, Not Solution


Now more than ever, salespeople are working twice as hard to achieve the same or even diminished results despite access to innovative sales tools, mobile accessibility, and social media capabilities, among other technological advances.

And while it might seem that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks when it comes to your sales team management, it’s actually the perfect time to make a change to a tried and true system.

In a recent article featured in Forbes Magazine

, Mindtickle’s Patrick Lynch shares some insights. He writes that when it comes to improving sales team performance:


“Your risks are mitigated by following a simple and thorough process of diagnosing the problem and then prescribing a solution. Are there risks involved? Of course. Then again, you can always ask yourself: Without a prescription, will we ever get better?” – Pat Lynch, Mindtickle

If you’ve noticed your sales team’s performance starting to feel a little under the weather, it’s a smart move to pause and take the time to figure out the root of the problem.

Read on to learn about the key takeaways for when it comes to addressing and re-strategizing the way your sales team management tackles its goals.