Introducing Call AI: Mindtickle’s Conversation Intelligence Solution

When salespeople swing and miss in front of buyers, it’s always a priority to save the deal. But fixing the symptoms without addressing the root cause will limit your team’s potential. Without visibility into what your salespeople do in front of buyers and a way to improve their skills, you can’t win more deals — just predict which ones you’re going to lose.

Mindtickle’s Call AI is the only conversation intelligence solution where you can identify and fix the real-world behaviors that stop your salespeople from closing every deal. Call AI collects and analyzes data across all aspects of readiness – all in one place, giving sales leaders the unique ability to understand readiness levels, knowledge gaps, and skill improvements for each seller.

Unlock the skills that drive successful sales interactions     

According to McKinsey research, over 85% of B2B sales interactions happen on the phone or within web conferencing platforms, making it impossible for sales managers to shadow every interaction between sellers and buyers. Without an individualized remediation plan for every salesperson, you may be able to identify and save individual sales opportunities, but you likely won’t be able to address the root cause that put deals in peril in the first place.

Call AI joins calls as a silent attendee, recording, transcribing and mining customer conversations for critical insights that drive improvements.

How it works

  • Record and identify strengths and weaknesses demonstrated by salespeople in live sales interactions with AI-based insights
  • Collaborate to share snippets with examples and feedback privately and publicly
  • Identify and share successful sales behaviors team and organization-wide
  • Integrate conversations within Salesforce opportunities, contacts, leads and accounts to evaluate the number and quality of sales conversations throughout the buying cycle
  • Understand individual and team performance and competency attainment during sales interactions
  • Correlate competencies to outcomes such as win rates, revenue achievement, project success and more

Unlike point solutions, Mindtickle enables organizations to influence selling skills before, during and after customer interactions. With actionable insights into a seller’s strengths, weaknesses and improvements, sales managers can create targeted coaching techniques to:

  • Improve the rep’s performance across every stage of the sales cycle
  • Deliver benefits and better outcomes across the entire enterprise

Call AI delivers benefits across the organization

  • Managers have significant visibility into how salespeople perform during live interactions
  • Salespeople can correct mistakes, increasing productivity and positive business outcomes
  • Deal sizes increase as salespeople can more effectively capitalize on every opportunity
  • Best practices are easy to identify, share and replicate
  • Deals are won against more poorly prepared competitors
  • Companies meet or exceed revenue targets
  • Sales churn decreases as more salespeople achieve quota
  • More salespeople make or exceed quota
  • Key business initiatives succeed because they’re informed by critical field-based evidence

Call AI quantifies individual and team competency strengths and weaknesses based on real-world interactions

With core capabilities like call recording and AI-based insights, Call AI empowers sales leaders and sellers to understand why deals are lost, what to do about it and where to find the guidance or content to help them improve.

  • Call recording: Call AI automatically captures and transcribes calls and web conferences using AI-driven analysis to deliver actionable intelligence about buyer interactions. Sales managers can relive highs and lows within every conversation through search and timeline analysis, identify the prevailing topics and themes and score calls based on best practices. Managers can then use this data to create a personalized skill development program aimed at bridging skill gaps and maximizing every salesperson’s productivity.

Call AI captures and transcribes calls and web conferences

  • Actionable insights: Call AI combines call scores with the Sales Capability Index™ to deliver a comprehensive view of individual and team readiness. Based on sellers’ strengths and weaknesses, Call AI will automatically prescribe follow-up training, coaching and practice focused on maximizing the impact of every sales interaction. Custom guidelines will be delivered to front-line managers so they can focus on both current deals and the skills that will help them improve future outcomes.

Call AI provide insights based on seller's strength & weaknesses

Deliver a comprehensive enablement program and inform future readiness initiatives based on conversation intelligence

Capabilities like readiness integration, call-sharing and collaboration, and CRM integration create a continuous cycle by incorporating training, reinforcement, and practice; revealing the impact of these efforts in real-world sales interactions and measuring their effect on business outcomes. This continuous cycle fosters a culture of professional improvement, growth and success.

  • Readiness integration: Incorporate teachable moments from live conversations into enablement programs, providing detailed evidence that demonstrates how to maximize the impact of every selling situation. Analyze sales conversations to determine the effect of programs on sales execution, helping to improve future programs based on real-world evidence.

  • Call-sharing and collaboration: Share key moments for team feedback, public consumption or as best practices to inform readiness initiatives, using timestamps and comments for detailed feedback and asynchronous, idea-sharing conversations.

Best practices to inform readiness initiatives

  • CRM integration: Automatically map interactions to CRM contacts, leads, accounts and opportunities, providing deeper insight into the buyer’s journey and correlating the impact of live interactions on revenue outcomes.

Call AI maps interactions to your CRM

“I had zero insight into why a rep couldn’t close a deal. Problem solved with Call AI. 

Rick Gouveia, CRO, Turing Video


  • 200% increase in quota attainment year-on-year
  • 50% reduction in new rep ramp time in 2020
  • 2.5x improvement in average call scores across the team

Close the loop in your readiness program with Call AI

A successful enablement and readiness program must close the loop between coaching deals, coaching sales, and the voice of the customer. Call AI powers a continuous cycle of analysis, skill development, coaching and assessment, giving sales leaders actionable insights into why deals are won or lost and how to better prepare sellers and teams to succeed.

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