Introducing the 2022 Mindtickle Road to Readiness Roadshow

By Nick Salas

Mindtickle 2022 Road to Readiness Roadshow

This summer, Mindtickle is hitting the road for our 2022 Road to Readiness Roadshow. After more than two years of virtual operations, we couldn’t be more excited to catch up with our customers face-to-face.

Each half-day session, held in cities across the US and UK, will give attendees the opportunity to connect with peers, gain insights into making sales readiness a reality, and hear what’s new at Mindtickle.

Read on to learn where the roadshow is headed, what you can expect, and why you should register today.

Coming soon to a city near you

Think you need to travel across the country to connect with peers and access actionable insights? Think again! The Mindtickle Road to Readiness Roadshow is coming to you.

We have three planned stops on our US leg of the roadshow.

The Bay Area

  • Tuesday, June 7
  • The Marker Hotel


  • Wednesday, June 15
  • Convene Willis Tower

New York

  • Wednesday, June 22
  • Convene 75 Rock

We’re also making a stop in London in the early fall. We’re finalizing the exact data and venue and will share those details as soon as they’re available.

Who is the roadshow for?

Just about everyone on your revenue team will benefit from attending the Road to Readiness Roadshow.

Here’s what’s in it for some of your key team members.

  • Sales and revenue leaders: Hear from top revenue leaders about how they’re transforming their organizations, and leave with actionable insights from new research and case studies.
  • Sales enablement leaders: Create your own ideal rep profile and learn how to work with cross-functional stakeholders to align around transforming seller performance
  • Front line managers: Learn how to transform your coaching into an engine of quota attainment and seller retention, and find out how to use your tech stack to streamline your processes so you can spend more time helping on deals.
  • Sales and revenue ops: Unravel sales performance data from 350+ companies and learn how science is transforming how top revenue organizations approach selling.

Walk away with actionable insights to drive your sales readiness program

We’re confident that Road to Readiness Roadshow attendees will leave the event feeling energized and full of insights and ideas that can be applied right away to optimize their readiness strategy.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the sessions that are in store for you.

New Industry Insights: The State of Sales Readiness

Have you ever found yourself wondering what top sales organizations are doing to ensure their reps are always ready to sell? Here’s your chance to find out.

During this panel discussion, we’ll discuss key insights from our 2022 State of Sales Readiness Report. You’ll also have the opportunity to hear how brands are applying strategies to unlock better sales performance and revenue results.

Interactive Workshop: What’s Your Ideal Rep Profile?

You’ve probably already identified your ideal customer profiles (ICP). But what about the other half of the revenue equation?

During this hands-on workshop, the experts at Mindtickle will help you create an Ideal Rep Profile (IRP) for your organization. We’ll also share examples of how Mindtickle customers are using IRPs to benchmark, track progress, and map sellers’ competency improvement to sales results.

Level Up: Creating a Coaching Culture

Everyone knows sales coaching is important. And when it’s done well, it can have a big impact on sales outcomes. But oftentimes, coaching becomes just another box to check.

In this session, we’ll discuss how you can establish processes and leverage technology to make coaching more actionable, personalized, and seamlessly integrated into your full readiness approach.

Register for the Road to Readiness Roadshow today

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