McKinsey Quarterly Report: Why Data Culture Matters


Bringing together data talent, tools and decision making is often easier said than done: many a company faces this challenge.

How do you incorporate data into your daily business model and strategy? What about your company culture?

With these questions in mind, the McKinsey report gathers and analyzes some key research that touches on seven fundamental principles that underpin a healthy data culture. In this article, McKinsey provides readers with 7 takeaways from industry leaders that help understand how to tackle the ever-evolving use of data analytics.

Some of the topics  include:

  • C-suite commitment through ongoing informed conversations
  • Drawing a  correlation between data analysis and decision making
  • Striking the appropriate balance between hiring new employees and transforming existing ones

“You develop a data culture by moving beyond specialists and skunkworks, with the goal of achieving deep business engagement, creating employee pull, and cultivating a sense of purpose, so that data can support your operations instead of the other way around.”

In addition to McKinsey’s comprehensive research, Mitsubishi managing executive officer Takehiko Nagumo, Boeing CIO Ted Colbert, and JPMorgan CDO Rob Casper, along with others, also provide thought leadership throughout the article.

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