McKinsey: Smarter Call-Center Coaching for the Digital World


In a recent survey, McKinsey revealed that of 50 senior customer-care executives, 94% expected an increase in skills shown by their contact center agents over the next five years. What exactly does this point to? The fact that digitization is totally transforming expectations of the customer contact center.

In McKinsey’s new blog, read about just what this kind of change means for your organization – and how to address it as your team grows and moves forward. For example, the article establishes the three underlying causes to this shift in coaching effectiveness:

  • there’s often less coaching taking place than companies expect
  • coaches often approach their work with the wrong mindset
  • coaching is often poorly targeted

After addressing these pain points, the article points readers to a comprehensive analysis of how to address them by improving the availability, targeting, and delivery of coaching inputs. McKinsey suggests focusing on analytics, creating more user-friendly digital content, and automating administrative tasks – just as a few suggestions.

To learn more about how to supercharge your coaching efforts with digital tools, read on here!