Meet Mindtickle Copilot, Generative AI to Boost Productivity for Revenue Teams

By Helen Waite


Copilot is here! Mindtickle has released a suite of generative AI features across its revenue productivity platform to help everyone in the revenue organization.

Generating revenue doesn’t fall on one department, it’s a critical responsibility across go-to-market teams including sellers, enablement, customer success, operations, and management. Yet 72% of salespeople expect their team to miss annual quota in 2023 according to Salesforce.

Recent generative AI technologies have the ability to make these teams more productive so they can focus on their high-value revenue-generating activities.

That’s where Copilot comes in.

Copilot helps revenue teams:

  • Discover data-driven insights faster
  • Create personalized experiences quickly
  • Execute revenue-generating interactions exceptionally
  • Uphold security and ethical standards with a secure generative AI platform

This not only saves time for enablement professionals but also ensures that sales teams have access to up-to-date, engaging, and tailored content that resonates with their target audience.

Discover data-driven insights faster

Copilot gets you the answers you need to make data-based decisions, without reviewing lengthy calls or navigating dashboards and reporting pages.

AI call navigator

Get quick insights into every call fast

Copilot can analyze any call in seconds and answer top-of-mind questions without having to sift through a transcript. Sellers can get a quick call summary, craft detailed follow-ups, and receive self-coaching tips on how to improve future customer and prospect interactions. Managers can prioritize reps to coach by call scores and quickly review underperforming calls to foster detailed coaching sessions.

Copilot - Analytics

AI analytics navigator

Get the answers you need about your data in seconds

Copilot can efficiently analyze training and enablement reports in Mindtickle and produce succinct answers based on data. Empower all enablement and sales training professionals to derive quick and actionable insights from data, making informed decisions easier than ever.

Create personalized experiences quickly

AI-powered training creation

Copilot creates assessments based on training content and role-plays based on real-world selling scenarios

Have Copilot create an assessment based on learning content to quickly and succinctly test knowledge. Copilot reviews existing training content quickly and creates an assessment based on the parameters you outline to quickly reinforce training being delivered.

Copilot - Assessment

Copilot can also create a sales or renewal simulation to practice and hone skills and messaging before money is on the line. Give Copilot some guidance on the type of role-play you’d like to test teams on, and Copilot generates a detailed scenario, guidance, and scoring rubric.

Execute revenue-generating interactions exceptionally

Copilot - Mission review

AI-powered role-play reviews

Provide instant AI-powered feedback and scores of role-plays

Scale the mastery of new skills with role-plays reviewed by Copilot. Customer-facing roles can submit role-plays and receive automatic scoring, reviews and insights from AI to continually improve. Sellers can hone their pitches, presales can practice a new demo or flow, and customer success/account managers can test their renewal or upsell messaging with AI-powered insights on how to improve.

Copilot - Email

AI-generated content sharing

Generate contextual emails about content you are sharing with prospects

Quickly draft and send contextual and detailed emails to customers and prospects when sharing collateral with Copilot. When sharing an asset within Mindtickle, have Copilot generate the email copy based on the content being shared saving your sellers, customer support, and account teams valuable time.

Uphold security and ethical standards

Customers can ensure they are using a safe, enterprise-ready, and ethical version of AI with Copilot. Mindtickle has been driven by a security-first approach to implementing AI within the platform. Mindtickle’s model will not learn from or share customer data across instances, and ensures users’ personal data is not enriched and that information is only temporarily shared with machine learning systems. Mindtickle has also opted out of sharing customer information, even in the pseudonymized or anonymized form, to train or improve AI models.

Copilot is a tool that your revenue and security teams will love. For more on the Copilot release, check out our press release on the announcement. If you are a Mindtickle customer interested in getting on the Copilot waitlist, reach out to your CSM and click here if you want to see a live demo of Copilot.

See Mindtickle Copilot in Action

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