Mindtickle Introduces Model Pitch: A New Way for Self-Guided Practice and Improved Message Consistency

In our current dynamic environment, businesses across the globe are shifting gears. With the increasing adoption of working remotely, sales organizations are re-evaluating processes and operating procedures. With this change, many sales organization are facing one or more of the following challenges:

  1. Fewer face to face meetings – With more buyers starting to work from home, they are canceling in-person meetings. Field sales have had to transition to primarily inside sales tactics
  2. The shift in target buyer/industry/vertical – With more traditional companies increasingly trying to adopt digital tools, there is an opportunity to address their needs
  3. Budget cuts – Buyers will spend their time and money wisely. Sellers need to focus on mission-critical challenges now more than ever

You need to make sure your sales organization is ready to address these challenges. They need to be able to sell on the phone, be able to position your offering to a new industry, and also focus on the mission-critical business challenges of the buyer.

Now more than ever before, sellers are expected to deliver the right messaging consistently in each and every sales conversation. Delivering the wrong or inconsistent messages will hurt revenue outcomes and result in lost opportunities or diminished brand value.

There are three factors which are impacting your seller’s readiness to be on message:

  1. Not knowing what ‘good’ looks like
  2. Lack of meaningful feedback
  3. Longer feedback and improvement cycles

Mindtickle’s Missions virtual role play has always helped sellers overcome these challenges. And we’re doubling down on using AI to further assist sellers with Model Pitch.

Introducing Model Pitch

We are introducing the ability to put what good looks like in the flow of practice. Model pitch is the best-in-class pitch or a response to a particular sales scenario. And you’re probably sharing it with the sellers as:

  • Standard scripts shared with sales teams (BDRs, medical sales reps, etc)
  • Standard responses to handling objection
  • Call snippets of a great phone or web conference conversation
  • A recorded video from a senior leader or a rockstar seller
  • Collateral from product marketing or brand management teams

Until now customers have been adding these as attachments in role play practice sessions or adding them to bite-sized Quick Updates or Courses so sellers learn from these and use them during their sales conversations.

Now, users will be able to leverage Model Pitch in Missions to deliver faster and meaningful feedback to sellers. This will also help sellers address some basic gaps before their manager provides them feedback.

Let’s see how Model Pitch and AI-enhanced analysis helps the three key users of the platform; Enablement Admins, Sellers, and Managers.

Enablement Admins

With the recent enhancements, admins can now configure keywords or phrases to include as well as avoid for their Missions. Configuring keywords or phrases to include is now simpler and automated by the use of Model Pitch. Mindtickle’s system automatically transcribes and fetches keywords or phrases such as names of businesses, people, location verbs, etc. Overall it is less tedious for admins to set up a Mission and much quicker.


Sellers can learn what good looks like using Model Pitch before they practice. Every time they make a recording to practice, Mindtickle now delivers instant and meaningful feedback to them. It helps them find improvement areas. They can leverage the feedback and the model pitch to learn how to address the improvement areas and practice again. With feedback available at every practice, the seller is becoming consistent with the best in class pitch.


Managers can now focus on providing much more valuable feedback beyond the basic feedback which AI covered.

With these insights, managers can also identify and prioritize the seller who needs the feedback first, so that the manager can help them improve and get them to the required readiness levels.

We received incredible feedback from our users as we built the AI-based capabilities. 94% of them found these insights helpful while practicing and reviewing role plays. With these new capabilities in Missions, you can reduce the seller’s time to readiness and ensure they are well-verse to deliver the right message consistently. Someone rightly said, higher the readiness, better the sales outcomes! And we are just getting started. We’ll bring more AI-based insights to help improve the hard and soft skills needed to win customers.

To learn more about Mindtickle’s virtual role play or our readiness platform, read our press release or request a demo here. Or if you’re already a customer and have any questions, please reach out to your Mindtickle Customer Success representative.