Mindtickle’s New Features and Enhancements for Fall 2023: All Those in Favor, Say “AI”

With the enormous advances in AI and automation, every member of your customer-facing teams can focus on using their human creativity and strategic thinking to deliver exceptional customer and buying experiences.

Mindtickle’s 2023 Fall Announcement introduces the ability to scale the use of best practices and highlights winning behaviors with new features and updates, including:

  • AI search for fast, accurate results ​​based on a deeper understanding of language and search terms
  • AI-powered self-enablement with real-time answers to field questions on topics like pricing, or product features
  • Scalable CHAMP and MEDDPICC call scoring with AI
  • and more.

Take a look at all the brilliant updates on the horizon and close out the year on a high note with us.

Find what you need, fast

Copilot’s AI Search

When searches require exact spelling or phrasing, it can become frustrating and a waste of time sifting through irrelevant search results. Save time and reduce friction when trying to find training, content, and calls in Mindtickle with smart search results using Copilot, eliminating the need for an exact keyword match.

Copilot’s AI-powered just-in-time enablement

Finding the right subject matter expert, asking them a question, and getting an answer can take anywhere from seconds to hours, or even days. Ensure teams are successful in every prospect or customer interaction by getting them timely answers to their questions using Copilot’s generative AI. Encourage self-sufficiency in your go-to-market roles and reduce the amount of time spent by subject matter experts answering common questions asked by field teams around topics like pricing or product features.

Ensure consistent deal execution

AI-powered CHAMP and MEDDPICC call scoring

Have your sales calls scored based on how well the rep adheres to deal qualification frameworks like CHAMP and MEDDPICC to identify opportunities for coaching and training. Reinforce those sales methodologies at scale to ensure your teams are executing deals consistently.

Two women on a video call with a call score

Prevent overwhelm with curation

Role-based home pages and scoped DSRs, call library and content center access

Provide a more tailored user experience to enhance learners’ engagement and productivity. Role-based home pages allow for precise content targeting, ensuring reps access the most relevant training and collateral suited to their roles or based on sales stages. Limit which DSRs, call libraries, and areas of your content center various users can access for better control for admins and a more streamlined experience for those users. With attention being directed only to what is needed and relevant, learners can focus on upskilling to impact revenue.

More for Microsoft customers

Microsoft Teams instructor-led training integration

Schedule and manage your Microsoft Teams-hosted Instructor-Led Training sessions conveniently in the Mindtickle platform, with automatic attendance and engagement tracking so you can understand who is actively participating in your ILTs.

Outlook add-in

Ensure the assets that reps use to drive deals forward and broaden the scope of insight into engagement with your content by making finding and sharing the right asset for each email interaction easy and convenient.

Content sync with Sharepoint

Effortlessly maintain your content library in Mindtickle with an automatic content sync with Sharepoint to save time for admins and improve reps’ confidence in the relevance and accuracy of the content.

Mindtickle’s commitment to customer-centric innovation

Like the learners, managers, and creators who use Mindtickle, we strive to improve the customer experience and meet their ever-evolving needs. Mindtickle thrives on curiosity and pushes to anticipate and build what customers will need in the future, partnering with customers who provide feedback on trends they see, new creative ways they use our features, and constructive comments about our solutions.

Want to learn more about the new features and enhancements coming out through the end of the year? Schedule a demo.

Mindtickle's Fall 2023 Announcement

Want to learn more about the new features and enhancements coming out through the end of the year?

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