[Podcast] Coaching the Front Line Managers with Jill Guardia (Episode 15)

Listen now, as Guardia outlines how fast-growing companies can coach and enable their frontline managers and sales leadership, regardless of their size.
In this 16-minute interview Guardia outlines:

  • How to coach your frontline managers effectively
  • Ways to enable your sales leadership
  • Tips to deal with managers who are reluctant to coach
  • Best practices for sales enablement and coaching

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“If you just take your reps and you say,

’Hey congratulations! Tomorrow you are a manager, and we don’t provide any support or guidance about how best to do that, or stick with them throughout their journey to becoming the best manager they can be.’


hen that’s just wishful thinking, and it is not going to help the selling organization,” states Jill Guardia, Sales Enablement Practitioner and Leader, who is also P

resident of the Boston Chapter

of the Sales Enablement Society.
According to Guardia, “Sales enablement is really about ensuring that the selling organization and the partner community is prepared to do their job. That preparation comes in the form of skills, knowledge, systems, tools, and processes that focus on sales efficiencies and overall improvement of their sales effectiveness. In some cases, people call it an improvement to sales productivity.”

To ensure everyone contributing to sales effectiveness in an organization are on the same page, it’s crucial to enable the enablers.

Many managers don’t know how to coach well. They may have been great sales reps, but just because they’ve been promoted into a management role doesn’t mean they’re equipped to perform it.