[Podcast] Do’s and Dont’s of Sales Enablement Hiring (Episode 19)

In this 13 minute podcast, Harrison outlines:

  • How he tests new sales tools out
  • The three mistakes to avoid when hiring your sales enablement team
  • The best resources to inform your sales enablement strategy

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“CAKE’s at an interesting time right now. We’ve we’ve really established who we’re going after and circled back to make sure the product is what our customers need. We’ve also seen a dramatic incline in sales and now have to build out and establish the process that will cradle that success,” explains David Harrison, Manager of Sales Enablement at CAKE Corporation.

CAKE Corporation is a restaurant technology company that is on a mission to make it easier to run restaurants. Harrison was their first dedicated sales enablement resource and he’s now focused on building out the team and getting their sales stack right.

“One of our big initiatives as a sales enablement team is trying to understand the climate of sales tools that are currently out there, what can help us, and also what can hurt us. An ongoing process for the sales enablement team is to make sure that our sales process is rock solid, and supported by the proper tools because it can really go sideways pretty quick,” he warns.

Another factor that can make or break the impact of sales enablement initiatives is having the right people in place.

“I’ve become a big believer in team dynamics, which has helped mold my hiring strategy. One of my favorite movies is Disney’s Miracle that’s about a 1980’s hockey team that plays the Soviets. In the movie, the coach, Herb Brooks, says “I’m not looking for the best players. I’m looking for the right ones.” I think that applies when it comes to hiring, especially for small teams. There isn’t a one-stop shop for the right sales team, and there’s never going to be one for sales enablement either. It’s unique to what the team needs.”