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[Podcast] ForeScout’s sales playbook that turns A Players into superstars with Renee Capovilla (Episode 5.1)

Forescout sales enablement“The goal of a sales playbook is to capture and certify what your top performers are saying, asking and doing at every stage of the sales cycle.”

Renee Capovilla is Director of Sales Enablement at ForeScout and she came up with the concept of a sales playbook when she was a one person team looking to scale their sales team quickly. She’s since taken the playbook and created the company’s own ‘sales university.’ Core to the sales playbook is the sales process.

“The sales process has to be the representation of your top performers so it’s going to be as detailed as it needs to be to capture what they are doing, saying and asking,” explains Capovilla. “The playbook’s main objective is to drive excellence throughout the sales process. The playbook begins at the onboarding program. It’s the basis for developing the university courseware and the reference coaching guide that drives our overall process and best practice application post the onboarding experience.”

“Our sales playbook has enabled us to give clear direction and guidance on what the rep should do say, do and ask it at every stage of their sale cycle, replicating the best of the best.”

Listen now to hear how Capovilla has used their sales playbook to turn A Players into Forescout superstars.

In this 12 minute interview Capovilla outlines:

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