[Podcast] Glen Lally on the Future of Sales Enablement for Large Organizations: Episode 23

In this 14 minute

podcast Glen will outline:

  • How to achieve cross-functional alignment for your sales enablement initiatives
  • What to look for when evaluating sales enablement technology
  • How bot technology will transform sales enablement in the future

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Sales enablement means different things to different people. Some think of it as training and knowledge while others view it as being about developing sales capabilities or improving the overall effectiveness of their deals.

“My northern star when it comes to sales enablement is how do I enable people to transform an organization, to transform faster and better than they did before,”

states Glen Lally, Global Vice President of Enablement and Innovation for SAP.

“SAP is a large organization with 90,000 people, so we have multiple lines of business and each line of business has their own enablement function. It’s important to work cross-functionally with sales operations, with marketing, with the sales organization and put the field at the center of what you do. Understand what’s working and what’s not for them, and be that cross-functional partner that can bring all of these different pieces together to be successful,”

explains Glen.

“Netflix summed it up well by saying you need to be tightly aligned and loosely coupled.”

This, coupled with a growing sales stack, are some of the biggest challenges facing sales enablement leaders in large organizations when trying to enable their sales teams effectively.