[Podcast] How FMCG Giants Coach their Sales Teams (Episode 14)


In this 12 minute podcast Singh outlines the k

ey skills that a sales rep in the FMCG space should possess:

  • Different long and short-term initiatives that Dabur has implemented to achieve sales excellence;
  • How to leverage technology to overcome the challenges that field sales teams face; and
  • Key metrics to assess a sales rep’s growth and measure the outcome of your sales enablement program

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“Dabur is a large and diverse organization, so it became essential to have a standard onboarding system in place. To address this diversity we use an online tool. It has helped us introduce visibility into who the new hires are and whether they are trained on basic sales techniques that they need to know as part of the sales team at Dabur,” explains Chirag Singh, Sales Capability Development Manager at Dabur.

Dabur is a pioneer in the FMCG space, the world’s biggest ayurvedic and natural healthcare company, it has been in existence for 135 years. In this episode of the Sales Excellence Podcast, Singh explains how sales excellence is perceived in an FMCG business and how sales enablement initiatives are executed in a large organization like Dabur.

Like any other business, there are a lot of internal and external factors that affect sales performance. We decided to edify our reps’ process knowledge leading to increased process adherence, using an online platform has helped us achieve that. Process knowledge has gone up big time, leading to process awareness and adherence,

” claims Singh while talking about factors that impact sales excellence at Dabur.

Listen now to learn how a large and diverse organization like Dabur manages its sales organization and leverages technology to achieve sales excellence.