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[Podcast] How ForeScout achieved a consistent pitch with Renee Capovilla (Episode 5.2)

sales excellence forescoutAs Director of Sales Enablement at ForeScout, Renee Capovilla was set an ambitious goal. “The goal was that when asked about ForeScout and what ForeScout did –  a consistent message would come out. And so we have this corporate pitch program which serves as a framework to which we present our capabilities, our differentiators and our value to our customers.”

Capovilla not only took on the challenge but developed a company-wide corporate pitch certification program. But this isn’t just a quick elevator pitch. It’s a detailed three part process that all sales reps are required to be certified in within their first 30 days.

“It enables that discussion around the security buyer’s challenge, we present use cases, the current infrastructure gaps that could be occurring and then we help walk the customer through how Forescout can uniquely address each one of them.

It’s really more than just a pitch. It’s taking our customers on a journey of our security platform.”

Listen now to hear how Capovilla introduced and implemented a company-wide corporate pitch certification program.

In this 5 minute interview Capovilla outlines:

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