[Podcast] How MongoDB Reduced Ramp Up Time with Effective Sales Onboarding (Episode 13)

Listen now to learn how Powers deployed a successful sales onboarding program and maximized value from their boot camp experience.

In this 16-minute interview Powers outlines:

  • How onboarding helped MongoDB’s sales reps achieve sales excellence
  • How you can reinforce information after your boot camp
  • The key metrics that determine the success of an onboarding program
  • How sales enablement is structured and who owns it at MongoDB

“At MongoDB, we have a pretty thoughtful and structured approach to our new-hire onboarding. The goal is to provide the sales team with an in-depth understanding of the industry, our customers, our technology and solution sets. The second step is to build upon that baseline and knowledge to equip our reps to consistently qualify their opportunities, setting great meetings with the right people and then ultimately prepare them to engage in highly effective, highly valuable conversations with prospects.”

That is the vision behind the sales onboarding strategy at MongoDB. MongoDB is a leading technology company who spends nearly six times the industry average onboarding their sales reps. In this episode of the Sales Excellence Podcast, Jeremy Powers, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, shares how they structure their sales onboarding and boot camps to maximize their results.

“I think we took somewhere around 11 months before a rep was productive. In the last six to eight months we have really fine-tuned this onboarding program using Mindtickle from the boot camps to advanced sales training. And what we have seen is very consistently our people getting ramped in about five months. So we’ve gone from 11 plus months down to five which is just tremendous,” exclaims Jeremy.