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[Podcast] How Outreach Motivates Reps to Stretch their Sales Skills (Episode 10)

outreach_sales_excellence_podcast“Everybody has different motivational factors. Some people look at pleasure versus pain as being a motivating factor or hope versus fear, acceptance versus rejection, even success versus failure.”

The challenges of motivating individual sales reps were amplified for Outreach as the business grew 20% week on week. As the company’s second employee Jacob Turner has played a pivotal role in developing a framework that has seen the business keep its now 40 strong sales team motivated.

“Motivation isn’t just about financial reward. A lot of people, especially millenials, are interested in giving back,” he explains. “Instead of giving people money we’re investing in experiences.” The biggest motivator in Turner’s experience is their weekly sales gym.

“Sales gym is about giving reps access to different concepts of sales and psychological practices. Like what’s the difference between feedback and feed-forward, what types of leaders are out there, how to be a better leader, and things like that.” he continues. What makes the Outreach sales gym unique is that it’s a virtual classroom that relies on Slack and a webcam.

“They’re not really Outreach specific. It’s more about how to be a better salesperson.” And isn’t that what every salesperson wants?

Listen now to hear how Turner took his sales reps to the gym to stretch their skills.

In this 11 minute interview Turner outlines:

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