Podcast: A Conversation with a CRO on Scaling a Successful Sales Team

By Helen Waite

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Episode summary

When it comes to growing, scaling, and developing an excellent sales team, there’s truly a fine art to it that can’t be learned overnight. In a re-airing of this episode of Ready, Set, Sell, Hannah and Tony sit down with Stephanie Valenti, who was Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug Media at the time of the original interview.

In her role, Stephanie led sales, marketing, and all client services and delivery departments at the company. She’s also spent more than 15 years learning the best strategies for fostering sustainable growth, leading a team, and helping B2B sales organizations scale up, so she has plenty of wisdom to share about leadership and the customer journey overall.

During the episode, Stephanie shares lots of insightful advice and plenty of actionable tips that you can benefit from, no matter your current role within your organization.

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