What Sales Excellence Looks Like [Podcast, Episode 1]

In this 9-minute

interview Garg discusses:

  • Why it’s important to share tribal sales knowledge
  • What sales excellence means
  • Who will benefit from these insights, and
  • Why it’s time for the sales culture to change

Listen now

to hear Mohit Garg explain what you can expect from the Sales Excellence podcast.

Sales Excellence Podcast Mohit GargIn today’s world, marketing has become a highly scientific and data-driven discipline, but many sales organizations continue to rely primarily on tribal knowledge and informal processes. There’s a huge opportunity to harness this tribal knowledge and leverage the experience of those who have been successful in building a culture of sales excellence.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with and learn from some of the best in the business, and now we want to share this knowledge with the wider sales and enablement community. The Sales Excellence podcast will bring together this tribal knowledge on people, processes, and technology and codify it for the broader sales ecosystem to leverage.

In our first episode, our co-founder and CRO Mohit Garg talks about what Sales Excellence means to him, “It’s about consistently delivering a positive customer experience externally whilst also building a strong sales culture internally. It’s about not just achieving success by closing more deals, but also consistently demonstrating excellence in how you conduct customer conversations, in your sales processes and your enablement function.”
Every month we’ll talk to guests who have been successful in building a culture of sales excellence and find out how their business has used sales enablement as a driver of revenue and value. Their insights, best practices, and learnings will uncover new ways you can create a culture of sales excellence and provide you with ideas on how to equip your sales organization with processes that are scalable and sustainable.