[Podcast] Nancy Nardin on how to Choose the Right Sales Enablement Platform (Episode 22)

In this 21

minute podcast, Nardin outlines:

  • How sales enablement has evolved
  • The role technology plays in enabling sales organizations
  • How to approach evaluating sales enablement platforms
  • The steps involved in rolling out an enablement solution

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“There are 400 sales enablement technologies, including CRM. And there are about 45 different categories of products that we’ve segmented into six different super categories,”

explains Nancy Nardin, Founder of

Smart Selling Tools.

It’s no wonder that it can be overwhelming for people to decide what their business needs. While the task of choosing the right sales enablement platform for your business isn’t easy, it’s certainly worthwhile according to Nardin.

“There’s a real opportunity for making a big impact on the organization and revenue. No matter how easy technology is, there are no shortcuts. You really have to have a commitment to making sure everybody is lined up in terms of what’s required to keep it going, what’s required to get salespeople to adopt it,”

she continues.

That’s why going through a thorough process even before you start looking at platforms is important.

A lot of companies don’t have a cohesive plan. There’s a lot of parameters to consider before you even start looking at the technology. Get in a war room for a day with some of your constituents and just map it out. Where are you today? Where do you want to head? Then, start your technology journey.”