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[Podcast] Scaling revenue from channel partners with Joan Morales (Episode 2)

MT_podcast_blog_v2-05“A good channel program is one of the fastest and most effective ways of scaling the sales motion of any company.”

Joan Morales would know, he’s responsible for Partner and Channel Marketing at Nutanix, a company that grew its revenue by 85% to $190.5 million in the first half of its fiscal 2016. Morales is an expert in identifying channel partner needs, quantifying the business opportunity and then bringing them to life through effective channel marketing and enablement strategies.

“I see channel re-sellers as basically an extension of our sales efforts. They are part of our sales network and a very trustworthy and effective and efficient way for us to reach all the clients we need to reach as we grow as a company,” ” explained Morales. “We treat them with the same care, respect and passion that we have for our own sales organization.”

Listen now to hear how Morales and Nutanix have successfully enabled their channel partners and find out how you can apply these best practices to rapidly grow revenue from your channel partners as well.

In this 13 minute interview Morales explains:

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