Unlocking Order from Chaos: Tackling Revenue Technology Confusion

We’re excited to launch a new video series focused on reducing chaos in your seller tech stack. In it, our team of experts shares tips on how you can use the tools in your tech stack with one another to improve seller productivity.

This video series covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Using CRM data and conversation intelligence to inform your 2024 enablement plan
  • How to improve win rates and conversions with revenue intelligence
  • Leveraging your CMS, DSRs, and CRM to inform your 2024 sales content strategy
  • Enhancing coaching with CRM data, enablement analytics, and conversation intelligence
  • How reps accelerate bigger, faster deals with consolidation

Reduce Tech Stack Chaos

Get actionable tips from our team of experts on how to use tools with one another to improve seller productivity. 

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Hi, everyone. My name is Parth Mukherjee, and I’m the Vice President of Product Marketing at Mindtickle. Today I’m here to talk to you about something that we are hearing a lot from our customers and prospects. And that’s the chaos that we’re seeing in the revenue technology space.

We obviously as a company are deeply passionate about F tech, and believe that every category and vendor out there has something valuable to offer to its users. However, market valuation and investor pressures often drive vendors to create capabilities in many different areas. Not all of these are necessarily aligned with user needs.

Just imagine the tech stack you already have in a go-to-market organization today, especially on the sales side. You have, of course, your CRM. But then you also have sales, onboarding, and training. You have content management systems, you have conversation and revenue intelligence tools, you have sales engagement tools for SDRs, and you have sales forecasting. And then you also have pricing territory compensation management, the list simply goes on.

And now as the boundaries between these categories, blur, users are just confused. Which parts of my stack do I use for which needs and for which use cases at mind tackle we have created a video series that is aimed at helping you cut down this chaos from your sales tech stack. In this video series, we have gathered insights from our customers and the market to help you streamline your sales tech stack, improve your go-to-market strategy, increase venerates, and establish robust enablement practices.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from each of our experts.

  • Christian guides you on using technology to inform your content strategy. By consolidating content into one platform, layering engagement data, and structuring content for seller use, you can boost engagement with content.
  • Helen provides enablement professionals with three ways to use CRM and conversation intelligence data to improve your 2024 enablement calendar. By reviewing sales stages, evaluating launches, and assessing ramp time for new hires, you can refine your strategy for the coming year.
  • Elisha, another brilliant product marketer on my team addresses the chaos of onboarding in a new company. She emphasizes the power of using CRM enablement analytics and conversation intelligence to identify short-term risks and mitigate long-term ones. By closing skill gaps and aligning coaching with competencies. You end up building a strong coaching culture, which helps ongoing rep performance.
  • Rahul highlights a great customer example in the cybersecurity space by consolidating tools tracking pipeline risk analytics, ensuring repeatable quota contributions, and focusing on the healthy deals in the pipeline. The company improved productivity and accelerated the bigger, faster deals. Listen to this video and learn how they did it.
  • And finally, Lindsey shares a success story where a B2B tech company with Mindtickle’s help, of course, double their win rates. This is an amazing story. They achieved this by driving cross-functional alignment, consolidating technologies, and focusing on buyer engagement. This led to substantial cost reductions and simplified tool usage for the reps which is really, really important.

So I would want you to enjoy these five videos. And I would love to keep this conversation going. Please write to us at [email protected] and share how you have reduced tech stack chaos for your business. We will also follow this series up with a long blog on our perspective on the future of revenue technology. till then happy viewing and a very happy holiday from all of us here at Mindtickle. Thank you.