Some Expert Help with Your New Sales Enablement Program Strategy


It’s no secret that learning from experts and pundits who have worked in sales enablement helps companies get up to speed faster and avoid common mistakes. And while a lot is talked about in the sales enablement community about theory, looking at practical examples from someone who has done it is invaluable.

For this reason,

we decided to put together a webinar

with an industry guru Roderick Jefferson that addresses some of the points of debate when it comes to choosing a sales enablement strategy that will work to help sales engage more prospects and win more deals. And if you’d like a deeper dive into what exactly sales enablement can empower your company to do, read on here. 

For exampl

e, communicating the role of sales enablement to your team can be a challenge in and of itself. Most sales enablement veterans agree that the position needs to be understood and presented as a key strategic role, not just as glorified sales support.

Furthermore, while everyone can agree that gaining buy-in from executive leadership is important, the key strategy you use determines whether or not you’ll be successful in getting the budget and resources you need for your sales enablement programs.

In this webinar,

we’ll help guide you towards a strategy that fits your current enablement needs.

Listen to Mindtickle’s Pay Lynch and sales enablement veteran, Roderick Jefferson on how to handle your next enablement strategy.