Video: Becoming a Great Sales Storyteller

By Rahul Mathew

Nick Capozzi headshot on gradient background


Episode summary

In this episode, Hannah and Tony delve into the importance of being both a skilled salesperson and a captivating storyteller. They have a conversation with Nick Capozzi, the Head of Storytelling at Demostack, who is an expert in creating compelling video content that enhances sales and strengthens a brand’s narrative.

Nick’s background in sales, starting from his time on cruise ships, gives him a profound understanding of the power of storytelling and the essential elements of exceptional content. He shares intriguing anecdotes about his career journey and reveals some of his well-guarded secrets for using storytelling as an effective sales tool. Additionally, Nick provides valuable insights on crafting a demo that could rival an Oscar-worthy performance. If you’re eager to elevate your brand storytelling, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this episode.

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