Video: Emphasizing Usability and Customization at Okta

By Helen Waite

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Video summary

In Okta’s search for a sales tool, they quickly realized that it wasn’t just the sales features that mattered; usability was equally crucial. The ability to have visibility into the backend operations, monitor user activities, and have control over features and functionality became paramount for Ariel Elliott and the Okta team. They found value in seemingly simple aspects like the ability to modify completion criteria and customize quizzes and assessments, which are often overlooked but are essential for optimizing the learning experience.

This focus on usability and customization set Mindtickle apart from typical solutions. Ariel adapts and tailors the tool to meet their specific needs and has been a key differentiator. The team tracks completion metrics and closely monitors the time it takes for users to complete the sales onboarding process and subsequently ramp up their performance. By analyzing these metrics, Okta gains valuable insights into user engagement and the effectiveness of the tool.

Since migrating from older platforms, Okta observed a significant increase in tool adoption. This migration has not only improved their ability to track and control sales activities but has also resulted in higher user acceptance and utilization. The positive response from the Okta team reinforces the value of their emphasis on usability and customization.

Key highlights

  • Usability is a crucial factor: Ariel said their choice of sales tool was not solely based on its sales features, but also on its usability. She highlighted the importance of being able to easily navigate the backend, track user activities, and have control over features and functionality.
  • Attention to learner needs: Okta modifies quizzes and assessments to cater to the needs of learners. They acknowledge that these aspects are sometimes overlooked but consider them essential for effective learning experiences.
  • Focus on completion and adoption:  Okta’s current focus is on completion metrics, particularly the time it takes for users to complete onboarding and ramp up afterward. They also note that since migrating from older platforms, they have observed a higher adoption rate of the tool.

Video transcription

For us, it wasn’t just the sales features. It was the usability. The ability to see what’s going on in the backend, see who’s doing what, when they’re doing it being able to control those features and functionality.

The simple things like changing completion. Being able to kind of modify the quizzes and the assessments, those learner things that are sometimes overlooked. And the control of that I think, is really what differentiates Mindtickle.

I can say, right now we’re really just looking at completion, more than anything, how long it takes for them to complete onboarding, how long it takes them to ramp after onboarding. Those are the biggest things that we are looking at. We’re definitely seeing higher adoption of the tool since we migrated from older platforms.

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