Vlog: Game-Changing Revenue Enablement at Juniper Networks

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Video summary

Juniper Networks relies heavily on Mindtickle for revenue enablement, viewing it as an indispensable tool. In this video, Luke Martin talks about how Mindtickle’s revenue enablement platform houses critical information and plays a pivotal role in ensuring its go-to-market team is well-prepared and proficient in delivering various aspects of its product portfolio and essential sales messages.

Key highlights

  • Mindtickle is crucial to revenue enablement efforts: The Mindtickle platform serves as a cornerstone of Juniper Networks’ revenue enablement strategy, centralizing critical information and ensuring the readiness and proficiency of the go-to-market team. Its integration has not only enabled effective content delivery but also provided robust measurement capabilities, proving essential for success.
  • Empowering channel partner engagement: The introduction of Mindtickle to channel partners has been a game-changing move in Juniper Networks’ go-to-market approach. By leveraging Mindtickle’s diverse modalities and measurement tools, the company has been uniquely positioned to invest in its channel partners, leading to enhanced collaboration and performance.
  • Driving success and acknowledgment: Mindtickle’s impact on the enablement team’s performance has been evident in Juniper Networks’ recent successes. The CEO’s public recognition of the sales enablement team’s contributions underscores the pivotal role that Mindtickle plays in delivering content and driving value. Its comprehensive capabilities, ranging from technical solutions to managed and professional services, have been indispensable in achieving strategic objectives and fostering strong vendor relationships.

Video transcription

Mindtickle is absolutely essential to Juniper Networks’ revenue enablement. We put all of our critical information there. That is the vehicle that we depend on to ensure that our go-to-market organization is equipped and is ready and proficient to deliver the different aspects of the portfolio, the different messages that are critical to our sales activities.

We recently rolled out months ago for our channel partners as well, channel was a huge part of our go-to-market strategy this year and in the future. So we’ve just made that investment. And it’s been fantastic.

The ability to deliver enablement, but also to measure it. And to layer it with all of the different modalities that Mindtickle offers provides just a wealth of opportunity for us to go and really make a unique investment in our channel partners. [You can go to Mindtickle] and you can create the content, create the programs, make sure that you have a measurement that’s baked into the platform, and connect that back to your CRM data, to be able to do that and to apply it across the board. That saves you time, and that makes sure that you’ve got predictable outcomes.

And it also allows you to make sure that the quality is there, you have a central point of control through which you can really invest in quality and strategic output, and then distribute that widely. It’s a game-changer.

Mindtickle was a key part of the OKRs that our enablement team commits to. In fact, in the last two or three quarterly earnings calls our CEO is specifically called out the sales enablement organization as a contributor to the great success that our company has enjoyed in the last few quarters.

Mindtickle is one of the pillars of the way that we deliver that content. There is some efficacy to what I’m saying as far as how greatly we value that partnership. Mindtickle has got these rich teams of technical solutions, managed services, professional services, content as a service – we’ve leveraged each and every one of these. There’s no way that my team would have been able to deliver on the initiatives that we’ve been tasked with nor to respond to the demands of the enablement and the broader go-to-market organization. Without professional services, honestly, it stands apart from as far as the vendor relationships that I manage.

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