Why Revenue Intelligence is Essential to Sales Readiness

BoostUp and Mindtickle partnership

Today’s sales leaders have two priorities:

  • Hit revenue goals consistently and hold themselves to a fact-based forecast
  • Build a revenue engine

And these tasks aren’t easy.

Many revenue organizations use disjointed platforms and spend significant time and money hiring and onboarding new reps. Reps can barely keep up. The industry average ramp time is six to nine months, according to CSO Insights. Even after they are considered officially onboarded, the majority of reps still miss their quotas.

So how do you get an entire team of people who support these priorities to create the “perfect storm” that will set reps up for success?

The first of its kind: sales readiness and revenue intelligence in one platform

We recently announced our partnership with BoostUp, an integration between our two platforms that utilizes insights on deal and account health to suggest relevant content and enablement programs. With revenue intelligence and sales readiness combined into one platform, teams go beyond just ongoing deal intelligence and can actually fix long-term skills gaps in reps through built-in onboarding, content, and ongoing enablement programs.

BoostUp and Mindtickle partnership

The joint solution, available in Mindtickle, provides revenue teams with complete visibility into seller readiness levels and deal performance. It also provides all of the workflows front-line managers and enablement teams require to effectively train and coach sellers.

screenshot of account intelligence in BoostUp

Within a single platform, revenue leaders are able to:

  • Make sense of all buyer interactions including meetings and call recordings and sentiment analysis coming from Mindtickle Call AI, combined with email analysis, buyer engagement, deal, and account health scores from BoostUp
  • Get a clear picture of pipeline health as well as overall sales readiness
  • Help reps know what deals and accounts need their attention while giving them the content and training they need to be successful in those deals and accounts
  • Visualize the entire history of a deal or account so that leaders can see all of the most important milestones such as competitor mentions, pricing conversations, and next steps
  • Empower frontline managers and enablement teams with insights that help them better enable and coach reps based on what’s happening in the field
  • See critical milestones taking place, such as competitor mentions, pricing mentions, deal health, and account engagement scores

At the same time, the unified platform gives visibility to reps, managers, revenue operations, and enablement leaders on activities that impact the bottom line:

table showing benefits of revenue intelligence

  • Reps see which deals and accounts need their attention and can immediately access personalized content and training that helps them win
  • Managers are empowered to coach better and get complete visibility into every deal and account
  • RevOps personnel get a clear picture of pipeline health and field readiness and benefit from improved forecast accuracy
  • Enablement leaders can run built-in, personalized content and training programs while helping frontline leaders elevate their coaching approach

screenshot of NPS score in BoostUp

So how, you ask, is this different from a standalone conversation or revenue intelligence solution? What does revenue intelligence and readiness in one platform mean for you?

Let’s walk you through the top revenue productivity gains you get from this combination.

Insights into rep performance

With revenue intelligence and sales readiness together, winning sales teams take insight a step further with Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Index. Leaders can see proficiencies and gaps by looking at how reps perform in the real world and adapt training to how they learn and practice.

Sales content that builds skills and closes deals

Sales content has so far not been connected to other systems of learning and operations. With the Mindtickle platform, sellers can capitalize on training content, internal talk tracks, battlecards, role-play videos, and recorded snippets from actual customer conversations in one single system.

Leveraging Mindtickle for an integrated content experience ensures that content can be deployed effectively where a deal can be saved or progressed as well as when a rep needs to learn a critical skill.

BoostUp and Mindtickle are bringing this fantastic joint solution to a city near you. Please check out the dates of our Road to Readiness 2022 Roadshow and come see the solution at work.