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Juniper Networks’ CRO Identifies Enablement Transformation as Critical Factor to 47% YOY Sales Growth

The benefits of MindTickle are both in front of the screen and behind the screen. Front of the screen is the gamification and interactivity of the content. Behind the scenes
Anindya Bhattacharyya
Director and Head, Sales and Marketing Academy
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Mindtickle provided analytics and helped us drive results that proved to our leadership what global enablement is trying to accomplish.
Amy Lord
Senior Analyst, Global Enablement
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Mindtickle is a huge part of our ongoing strategy to keep our employees connected and engaged with the content they need to do their jobs successfully. MindTickle's Courses and Quick
Matt Feldman
VP global enablement
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Mindtickle is a great onboarding tool because we can send new reps the course, see how they're doing with the content, and have them complete some tests – all remotely
Tovi Dana
Knowledge and Learning Director
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Mindtickle is a big step up from our previous training software, so our salespeople were all really impressed with the functionality when we first rolled it out to them
Brian Steele
Sales Training Manager
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When our CEO and CRO said ‘Hey! We need a common sales methodology, a common language within the team, a common way that we operate and process,’ we knew that
Jeremy Powers
Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand at MongoDB
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The automation behind the process, the ease with which we can build and assign engaging and attractive courses, and all the support from the Mindtickle team… I’m not sure what
Sheryl Hughes
Director, Enablement Operations
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Right now, we have to be very adaptable to things that are changing. The way people learn is very different. There is still this propensity to make a PowerPoint but
Cole Lindbergh
Sales Enablement Manager, Revenue Operations
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