Binge-Worthy Sales Enablement

Deliver experiences that buyers and sellers remember

Your buyers and sellers want more.

The world has changed. We work from anywhere, stream everything, and can buy anything for next-day delivery with one click. But we still deliver the same old enablement programs to reps and create long, convoluted sales processes for buyers.

It’s time to shake up the business of buying and selling.

But how? With Mindtickle’s binge-worthy enablement and buying experiences.

Our Fall ‘22 Product Announcement gives sales enablement and ops teams the capabilities they need to create new experiences for sellers and buyers.

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Deliver modern sales content and training experiences

Sales enablement teams have to accelerate ramp times and improve sales performance – but do so without more headcount and budget. And after years of binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through TikTok, capturing and keeping seller attention is a challenge.

Mindtickle can help you build and launch craveable enablement experiences quickly and effectively.


Enablement journey builder

Easily add and showcase diverse learning modules to your programs and guide sellers with immersive experiences that can be built in hours.


Ready-to-deploy programs

Launch programs with one click using pre-built sales enablement programs developed based on industry best practices and experience deploying thousands of enablement programs.


Expanded template library

Create more impactful custom programs in a fraction of the time with additional pre-built, yet customizable, program templates for top customer use cases.


Sales consulting & methodology integrations

Leverage sales training content and templates from the world’s leading sales methodologies like Baker Communications, Ken Blanchard, PSI, and MEDDPICC.

Help sellers create buyer experiences that accelerate deals

With longer deal cycles and larger buying committees, the buying experience has become increasingly complex. But buyers and sellers both want to achieve the same goal: accelerate the deal, simplify the steps and agree on a contract more quickly.

Building on the initial launch of Asset Hub, we’ve added key functionality that meets or exceeds the needs of best-in-class sales content management systems.


Digital sales rooms (DSR)

Accelerate and streamline every deal with customizable collaborative portals that consolidate all content, communications, and action items.


Content engagement analytics

Leverage customer content engagement insights to inform your deal health and forecast key deals in Mindtickle’s revenue operations tool.


“Plays” for guided learning & Selling

Create custom user experiences that combine content with context to guide users toward optimal behaviors and field-based outcomes

Analytics & Enhancements

SCORM analytics & enhancements

Leverage detailed SCORM analytics to identify and remediate opportunities through more relevant content and training.

“We’re excited for Digital Sales Rooms to completely reshape the way our sellers interact with buyers, and differentiate us from the competition.”

Empower frontline sales managers to impact seller performance

While enablement programs offer opportunities for change, how it translates into real-world behaviors falls on sales management and operations. This newest release offers capabilities that make it easier for sales leaders to understand the efficacy of their team’s efforts, remediate specific skills, and develop a more integrated sales tech stack.


Key moments in Call AI

Pinpoint the most important moments from your customer conversations with system recommendations for finding deal risks and coachable moments.


Coaching insights and Readiness Index Quadrants

Create more engaging coaching sessions by coupling advanced insights on key rep competencies with pre-built coaching forms.


Deeper integrations

Streamline your tech stack with more robust and out-of-the-box integrations with rev tech, enterprise collaboration, and dialer software, including Salesforce, Snowflake, Webex, Zoom, Ring Central, Shopify and more

“As a result of using Mindtickle sales coaching, 95% of coaching forms are completed on-site and on time, resulting in higher-quality coaching data to inform personalized training for sellers.”

Are you ready to create binge-worthy experiences for your sales team?

Want to learn more? Tune in for a virtual event on November 15, 2022 at 9am PST:

  • How sales enablement program creation, execution, and consumption have changed
  • Real-world examples of modern enablement experiences practitioners create for sellers
  • How the worlds of training and content are merging to create new enablement and deal execution experiences involving both sellers and buyers
  • Also, see a sneak peek of new seller and buyer experiences in Mindtickle’s Fall Product Announcement

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