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Google Drive Integration

Leverage Google with the Mindtickle Platform

Mindtickle provides a seamless experience to its users by integrating with Google products at different stages in the sales enablement process. Here are some of the most typical ways Mindtickle can be integrated with Google Suite and other significant Google products.


Mindtickle allows users to seamlessly logon to Mindtickle using their Google credentials via SSO. Setting up the SSO authentication is a one time activity. Once completed, your users can access Mindtickle without having to remember their credentials every time.

Content Integration
Mindtickle provides inbuilt connectors that allow administrators or content creators to upload native learning content available on Google Drive. Content from Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides can also be embedded. The content is displayed seamlessly to users with its formats intact.

Notifications Integration
Email templates in Mindtickle are designed to be Gmail compatible so that the email reminders and invitations to users can be easily viewed in the Gmail inbox.

Learners, Managers and Reviewers can add Mindtickle reminders to their Google Calendar. They can also invite all other parties involved. This can be done using web and handheld devices both.