Managed Services Scope and Services Description

Managed Services Description

Managed Services provide dedicated administrative support personnel to perform routine tasks and a host of administrative activities.


Program creation and launch

Create Programs from content present on a shared drive or 3rd party LMS
Publish and launch onboarding
Schedule launch of Onboarding programs and assist with dry run of Onboarding programs before the actual release 

Copy/Configure modules/series

Copy / mirror series/modules from one Learning Site to another 

Create Users /User Groups 

Add and Invite Users /User Groups  to specific Modules /Programs 


Configure Email Templates and Notifications

Configure Email Templates
Create and Apply Email templates in various languages (Translation to be given)

Roles and Permissions

Enable/grant roles and permissions for different Customer group Admins
Add Collaborators for Content management


Configure in-platform analytics to send cadence-based reports to Admins
Configure Dashboards and schedule custom reports


Content migration from a 3rd Party Tool

Manually copy content from 3rd Party Tool/ CMS/Shared folder  to MT platform
Copy content from Content center to Asset Hub 

Content Center (CC)

Create Folder Structure within Content center and adding content to the appropriate folders
Rearrange existing content into folder structures
Content Archival

Asset Hub (AH)

Create Asset Hubs and update Asset properties (Permissions , Tags, File expiration)